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Stream Announce IoT-X Version 5.1

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Mon 23 January 2017 - The team at Stream Technologies are delighted to announce the forthcoming release of IoT-X version 5.1. All of IoT-X's familiar, easy-to-use features are complimented by a host of new and exciting functionality, including:

LoRaŽ gateway registration.
The ability to generate LoRa gateway configuration.
MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport) data routing.
API version 3.2.
LoRa Gateway Registration

This release introduces the ability for customers to register LoRa gateways to IoT-X and configure them to be viewable on a map. This functionality simplifies the management of hardware, as customers can keep track of LoRa gateways, alongside LoRa devices, all through the award-winning IoT-X connectivity management platform.

Generating LoRa Gateway Configuration
IoT-X streamlines the process of connecting LoRa gateways to the Stream LoRaWAN™ network server, and forwarding data from the field to an end application. Once a gateway has been registered in IoT-X, simply select the region to which the gateway is deployed, and the platform automatically generates the configuration needed to connect the gateway to Stream's LoRaWAN™ network server.

MQTT Data Routing
The new MQTT data routing functionality included in IoT-X 5.1, substantially enhances the platform's existing data routing capabilities. In addition to being able to forward data from the platform using TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), customers can now engage in bidirectional communications with LoRa devices, using MQTT.

This enables customers to:

CatNet SystemsForward data from LoRa devices on to a defined endpoint, such as a third-party application or a hosted data visualisation tool.
Forward messages to LoRa devices, using an MQTT client. This enables customers to remotely reconfigure the behaviour of LoRa devices in the field.
IoT-X allows customers to restrict MQTT user access on a device by device basis, or grant access to every device in the company.

API Version 3.2
To supplement the release of IoT-X 5.1, the Stream API has been extended to accommodate the platform's new functionality. API version 3.2 allows customers to integrate current business processes directly with the IoT-X platform, and delivers more freedom and flexibility than ever before.

Further Information
For further information about this release, or to trial a beta version, please contact


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