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ISA BASTIG Update from 6/27 Meeting

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At our wrap up session the group set three goals for our group:

1.    Increase membership and awareness of what ISA is doing in the Building Automation vertical. So please forward to your colleagues and ask them to get involved.

2.    Application of ISA-99 Control System Security to Building Automation Systems. As Bryan Singer, the chair for the committee pointed out, BAS is within the scope of ISA99. A Technical Report and some additional presentation will be prepared to help show application.

3.    Certification for operators. As was pointed out in the last presentation, one of the major concerns for operations is that many building operators lack sufficiently skilled people to maintain the BAS, and meet the original design goals. This is not an engineering task, but rather an operational one. The Professional Development Department (PDD) is preparing a report on the feasibility of an additional certification from ISA for a Certified Automation Operator.

With a variety of industries and firms represented it is felt that we are off to a great start. We have a solid base to build on, proven standards, and set of certifications that encompass what we all do. All present felt this was one of the informative conferences in a while.

contemporary What’s next?
Automation Week in Mobile, AL the week of Oct. 17, 2011 has many presentations on Building Automation. Check the website for those of interest to you. (http://www.isaautomationweek.org/).

If you are an ISA member already please update your record to reflect your membership in BASTIG. http://www.isa.org/Template.cfm?Section=Renew_Add_Benefits&template=/iMIS/Dues/iMISRenewals.cfm Just check Building Automation Systems Technical Interest Group as shown below.
Our review of the standards showed interest in other areas for BAS. We will attempt to provide details on those going forward. Of note were ISA-101 Human Machine Interfaces and ISA-95 Enterprise Systems. We are also pleased that the Standards & Practices board has approved ISA-111 Unified Functionality in principal. The scope and purpose have to be refined somewhat, but after that is concluded a call for volunteers will be going out. We are stating the name as one-one-one to reinforce the unification portion.

Our next meeting will be at the ISA Fall Leaders Meeting in Mobile, AL. Date and time will be announced in a few weeks.

Jacob Jackson
Chair – ISA Building Automation Systems Technical Interest Group


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