July 2011
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HORNE LLP and E2America Announce Agreement to Provide Counsel on Energy Efficiency Technologies

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HVAC optimization supplier and accounting specialist to advise commercial enterprises on benefits of implementing energy efficient technology
Wilmington, N.C. – July 20, 2011 – Efficient Energy America, Inc. (E2America), a leading supplier of HVAC optimization technology, today announced an agreement with HORNE LLP, an accounting and business advisory firm specialized in franchise accounting and construction accounting, to advise commercial enterprises on the benefits of energy efficiency technologies. E2America’s automated, wireless, retrofit HVAC control system helps reduce energy consumption and electricity costs, delivering savings throughout the life of the product. These savings can be combined with a number of utility incentives, energy rebates, and tax credits which HORNE LLP can help commercial enterprises identify for even greater cost benefits.

The cost of energy is increasing for everyone, including the utility companies. As a result, many utility providers now offer incentive programs to businesses for implementing energy management systems and other green technology. By incentivizing businesses to use less electricity, utility companies are able to make more accurate projections about their grids, including consumption and demand analyses, generation, transmission and rates. E2America is a Trade Ally with many utility companies and electric cooperatives, including Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, Progress Energy, Duke Energy, GreenCo, Electricities and many more.

Additionally, recent changes in federal legislation provide tax rebates to help increase adoption of energy efficient programs. In early 2011, President Obama implemented the Better Building Initiative, which incentivizes retrofitting commercial buildings to increase energy efficiency through tax breaks, grants and loans. This five-point program seeks to reduce energy spending for offices, stores, schools, hospitals and other commercial and municipal buildings by $40 billion a year.  HORNE LLP has extensive experience in all aspects of franchise accounting and construction accounting and is able to develop specialized programs to help commercial enterprises capitalize on potential tax benefits including energy efficient technology.

“As more and more businesses turn to energy efficient technologies, we believe E2America’s system is like no other technology out there today for helping businesses reduce their electricity costs and usage,” said Dee Boykin, HORNE LLP’s partner in charge of franchise accounting services.  “We’re pleased to work with E2America and their customers, and share our experience and knowledge in franchise accounting and the many tax rebates to help businesses save even more money with their green efforts.” 

“With price breaks on energy costs nowhere in sight and overall demand still on the rise, commercial enterprises realize that they need to do more to reduce energy consumption if they’re going to see any true savings in their electric bills,” said Dara O’Neill, E2America CEO. “We welcome the opportunity to work with knowledgeable tax advisors such as HORNE LLP to ensure companies that implement our technology receive the maximum financial benefits that reducing energy costs can bring.”

HORNE LLP is one of the top 50 accounting and business advisory firms in the country, as reported by the Public Accounting Report (PAR), and one of the top 10 accounting and business advisory firms in the Southeast. With offices in Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas, the firm serves clients across the nation. For more information on HORNE, visit www.horne-llp.com.

About E2America
E2America's intelligent HVAC control, optimization and real-time reporting systems go far beyond traditional energy management systems to reduce electricity costs, usage and carbon emissions for commercial enterprises. The only fully-automated, wireless, retrofit technology to deliver cash-positive results from day-one and ROI within 18 months, E2America systems are installed in leading restaurant and retail chains, as well as other commercial buildings across the U.S. The E2America intelligent Smart Grid efficiency technology reduces energy consumption (kWh) and demand (kW) of each facility through management of the HVAC equipment, which draws the heaviest electrical loads. Each solution is custom designed and built for that particular application, and no training is required. Because the systems are entirely wireless, installation takes only hours. E2America is a Trade Ally with many utility companies, including Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, Progress Energy, Duke Energy, GreenCo and ElectriCities. The company is headquartered in North Carolina. For more information, visit www.e2america.com.


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