July 2011
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Agilewaves To Support New LEED Advanced Energy Metering Initiative

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Building Optimization System Designed for M&V to Track Building Performance

Agilewaves has announced a turnkey system that meets the permanent metering, data collection/storage and energy use management requirements of the new LEED Advanced Energy Metering credits.

Measuring the performance of LEED buildings following certification has emerged as an important trend.  It's now recognized that performance data must not simply be collected, but gathered and processed in a manner that allows meaningful comparison between predicted and actual energy performance.

LEED's original Measurement & Verification (M&V) EA Credit 5 addressed the energy performance need in principle,  but was limited in that its IPMVP-based protocol which was never intended for use in LEED. To boost accountability and meet the true building performance needs of LEED, the M&V credit is being redeveloped starting with two new Pilot credits.

With Advanced Energy Metering (PC 26) - and the follow-on companion credit for Reconcile Projected and Actual Energy Performance (PC27)  -  the LEED program is charting a new course for M&V. The applicable rating schemes for pilot testing are: New Construction, Schools, Retail NC, Core and Shell, Commercial Interiors and  Retail CI.

"USGBC is taking an important step with a new approach to M&V and getting us on the path to true building optimization. That's always been our focus, and the Agilewaves Building Optimization System supports the new Advanced Energy Metering credit requirements, out-of-the-box," says Agilewaves CEO, Peter Sharer.

Agilewaves provides the foundation for ongoing accountability of building energy consumption over time per the new LEED Credits 26 & 27:
- Permanently installed meters with recording intervals stored in 5-minute increments
- Measurements for consumption, demand and power factor
- Ability to transmit data to remote location
- Data Collection via LAN or Building Automation Sytem
- Data Storage for metered data, up to 11 years
- Remotely-accessible data retrieval and energy diagnostic reports of hourly, daily, monthly and annual energy use data.

Reliable Controls Agilewaves routinely measures all whole-building energy sources (electricity, gas, steam, etc) as well as renewables generation, and can scale, as needed,  to collect and track discrete measurements for typical end uses (HVAC, lighting, plug loads, etc).

With a modular design that can scale from whole-building energy source measurement to 
end-use consumption metrics, Agilewaves can easily support LEED designs using either the Prescriptive Approach (Option 1/Path 1 & 2) or Performance Approach (Option 2/Path 1 & 2).

“Our goal is to redefine "cost effective" for Advanced Energy Metering, allowing a greater number of sites to afford the Performance Approach," says Sharer.  Agilewaves whole-building metering systems starts at <$6k, and typical end-use metering designs range from $10-20k, depending on the number of Loads measured. Data can be collected via sensors or extracted from existing building automation systems or submeters.

"Agilewaves can provide a very cost-effective approach, which allows LEED designers to craft building performance designs with better accountability for a given budget," adds Sharer. 
"It's now within reach to optimize performance for virtually any building, and we look forward to working with LEED designers to take building performance to a new level.

Details on Agilewaves’ LEED solutions at http://www.agilewaves.com/projects/leed/

About Agilewaves (www.agilewaves.com)
Agilewaves, Inc is a building energy management system firm based in Silicon Valley.  The Agilewaves Building Optimization System (BOS)™ provides a real-time energy monitoring foundation to actively measure electric, gas and water consumption.  BOS software and energy diagnostics reports provide the rigorous metrics needed to increase energy efficiency, tune building performance and reduce energy costs. Agilewaves’ technology is used by MEP, engineering, architect and commissioning firms for energy efficiency upgrades, retrofits, ENERGY STAR, LEED, FEMP and CALgreen projects.


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