July 2017
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WattstopperŽ Fixture Integrated Outdoor Sensors to Support Philips Lighting SR Platform

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San Jose, Calif., July 12, 2017 – Legrand, North & Central America announced today the development of new Wattstopper FDP-300 Series sensors.  The sensors, which will launch under Legrand’s Eliot program, will be the first in the market to add occupancy detection to a connected outdoor fixture. Specifically engineered for OEM use, these digital sensors will offer multi-level control based on motion and/or daylight contribution and designed to share information to and from peripheral devices, including wireless nodes and digital LED drivers such as Philips Xitanium SR drivers. Legrand is part of Philips Lighting SR (System Ready) Certified Program and the FDP-300 Series sensors will be the first products being developed as part of this partnership.

Outdoor lighting systems are experiencing a market shift from analog to digital sensors and network controlled solutions. This shift to connected lighting and intelligent controls are driven by emerging technologies such as LEDs and initiatives like the Internet of Things (IoT). These sensors enable connected intelligent lighting for outdoor spaces and ensure substantial energy and maintenance cost savings.

As part of an outdoor lighting solution, FDP-300 Series sensors will help facility engineers and city managers to easily monitor, control, commission, and diagnose outdoor lighting while maximizing safety and security. Ideal for street lighting applications, commercial site lighting, and parking lots in commercial and city spaces, the sensors will feature robust SR functionality.

Easily incorporated into manufacturing and design processes, the FDP-300 Series will come in multiple mounting options to fit with a variety of luminaires.

Features and benefits:
Maximum sequence of operations flexibility enables the FDP-300 Series to perform in a variety of applications. 
Ease of installation and setup with local or remote commissioning. These sensors can be easily and securely set up, configured, and customized locally or though the cloud.
IP66 and IK08 Rated to ensure the highest protection against water, dust, and other non-corrosive material as well as against external mechanical impacts – critical for street lighting products.
Code compliance with latest ASHRAE 90.1/ IECC and California Title 24 outdoor lighting control requirements.
Legrand Eliot Program

EasyIOThe Wattstopper FDP-300 Series digital fixture integrated outdoor sensors tie to the larger context of Legrand’s Eliot (Electricity + IoT) program. Eliot is a global Legrand IoT program that brings together Legrand's worldwide expertise to advance connectivity and intelligence in the built environment, mobilize Legrand’s capabilities around the world, and speed development of Legrand connected devices wherever the Internet of Things can enhance value for all users.

Products, systems, and services under Legrand’s Eliot program, including the FDP-300 Series sensors, adhere to three important principles:

Products and solutions enhance value by simplifying usage and facilitating maintenance.
They are intuitive and easy to install and operate, which is part of Legrand’s DNA.
Consistent with Legrand values, Eliot products, systems, and services respect and preserve the confidentiality of user’s data.

These critical principles shape how Legrand is approaching innovation under the Eliot program.

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