June 2004
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Andover Controls Receives BACnet Testing Laboratories Listing

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Company's BACnet Devices Receive BTL Mark as BACnet-Advanced Application Controllers after Rigorous Testing

Andover, Mass. - Andover Controls Corporation announces that their entire line of BACnet devices have been BTL-listed by the BACnet Testing Laboratories as "BACnet-Advanced Application Controllers (B-AAC).

The BTL, which is part of the BACnet Manufacturers Association (BMA), tests the BACnet functionality of a product to a set of requirements that are based on ASHRAE Standard 135.1P. Only products that meet these stringent requirements are eligible to receive a BTL listing and to display the prestigious BTL Mark.

As B-AAC devices, Andover's BTL-Listed controllers support all BACnet objects and services necessary for event and alarm initiation, scheduling of actions, data sharing, and several device management functions, in strict accordance with ASHRAE standard 135-2001. When BTL-listed BACnet B-AAC Devices are selected for a BACnet project, the customer is assured that the controllers are highly interoperable with other BTL-listed products. No special protocol converters are needed, saving users valuable system configuration time and ongoing maintenance costs.

Andover's BTL-listed controllers offer a broad range of HVAC control components, including the b4920 System Controller/BACnet Router, designed for large air-handling units and other large equipment; the b3865, a terminal controller designed for the full range of VAV applications; and the b3867, a low-cost, general purpose controller, perfect for fan coil and heat pump applications.

Detailed information about Andover's BTL-listed controllers can be found on the BMA web site at www.bacnetassociation.org. To find out more about Andover Controls and their BACnet family of controllers, visit their web site at www.andovercontrols.com/BACnet.


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