June 2004
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Richards-Zeta experiences unprecedented growth in Q1 2004.

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Systems Integrators and Fortune 500 Corporations alike now switching to RZ to improve their business.

Quarter 1 2004 proved to be very successful. Richards-Zeta released new products, solutions and tools, increased market presence, dramatically increased sales, and added record numbers of new Systems Integrators, 14 times that of Q1 2003 with 6 signed in just 3 days.

RZ released new WebExpress and Publish to Mediator tools, offering, with the click of a mouse, the ability to publish intricate monitor and/or GUI drawings created in RZ's perfectHOST software (Thick Client) to browser-based (Thin Client) HTML. Create, monitor, override, and update complex logic and monitoring drawings all via a standard browser. Using WebExpress, create custom web-pages with live, real-time data, or add live values (dynamic HTML/XML) to browser-based perfectHOST drawings, instantaneously in a single browser-based interface.

RZ Attended and Exhibited in both AHR-Anaheim, California and BuilConn-Dallas, TX. RZ looks forward to exhibiting at RealComm-San Francisco, The West Coast Energy Management Congress-Anaheim, CA, and the World Energy Engineering Congress-Austin, TX.

RZ held several successful training courses this year, hosting dozens of System Integrators and End-Users. After 5 intense of learning, programming and experiencing the RZ line, these individuals left with an above average opinion of the class in general, as well as the RZ line, staff and support.

RZ is generating a definite buzz within the industry. Cool Products, Unbeatable Technology, Fair Prices, a truly "open", non-proprietary platform.

Systems Integrators and End-Users alike are contacting RZ to find out how they too can get involved in this unprecedented paradigm shift. A new business philosophy and vision, RZ is the integration solution for today's market.

For more information visit http://www.richards-zeta.com

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