June 2004
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TAC Xenta 527 Provides Web-based Graphical Interface For I/NET Seven

DALLAS – TAC, a world leader in Open Systems for Building IT®, security systems and energy solutions, announces the availability of TAC Xenta® 527, a Web-based graphical interface for access into TAC’s I/NET® Seven high-performance security system.

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Using a standard web browser, system operators have easy and secure access to I/NET Seven and TAC Vista®, with a single operator interface into both systems. Web pages are based on standard Internet technology (HTML and Java) and provide access to system status, events, trends, alarms and graphics. Operators can control points and handle alarms from both systems through custom graphic pages or browse the systems via the intuitive Explorer-like view. TAC Xenta 527 is also an ideal low cost web solution for small to mid-sized systems, easily handling as many as 1,000 I/NET points.

Designed with a peer-to-peer architecture, I/NET Seven allows all the devices in the system to interact without depending on a host computer. By eliminating the server and moving access and functions to the workstation level, I/NET not only reduces the system’s vulnerability to attack, but also lowers maintenance and installation costs.

TAC Releases Xenta 913 LonWorks®-based Gateway Product

Cost-effective solution integrates TAC Vista with other common protocols

DALLAS – TAC, a world leader in Open Systems for Building IT®, security systems and energy solutions, announces the availability of TAC Xenta® 913, a LonWorks®-based Gateway that provides a cost-effective solution for integrating TAC Vista® with other commonly used protocols such as BACnet® or Modbus®. In addition, TAC will develop manufacturer-specific protocols on request.

TAC Vista is an enhanced LonWorks-based building management software that offers the benefits of an open architecture. TAC Xenta 913 allows users to simply and economically integrate TAC Vista with other open protocol systems that are typically found in today’s commercial buildings.

Key features of TAC Xenta 913 include Internet browser support to provide an easy alternative interface to monitor and control values. It provides a secure Web interface for configuration with user name and password logon, and to configure the network, timeservers, and ports.

In BACnet applications, TAC Xenta 913 acts as a gateway from LonWorks to any Type 1 BACnet controller with RS232 interface, and supports point-to-point BACnet read and write property messages. With Modbus, TAC Xenta 913 uses poll-on-demand to extract data, RTY or ASCII formats, and supports a variety of Modbus functions.

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