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Lighting Controls + Energy Auditing Basics + Auditor Certification Training online seminars

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All AEE Distance Learning Programs Feature Live Audio and Video

Instructed by Stan Walerczyk, L.C., C.L.E.P.

Presented in two 2-hour live online sessions
New Program Starts June 21 

This practical program will help you sort out the options and make smart choices when considering the many lighting control alternatives available for your lighting applications. In what scenarios are manual controls (switches) better than more complex systems? What are the pros and cons of ultrasonic, passive infrared, microphonic and dual technologies? In what situations should wall, ceiling or fixture mounted occupancy sensors be used? Where and when should you use timers, time clocks, photocontrols, dimming, and bi-level lighting? And finally, how much energy do control systems really save, and how cost effective are they when lighting itself is very efficient?

You will leave this program with the clearer understanding and knowledge you need to better assess the best approach to lighting controls for a broad spectrum of lighting scenarios and applications.

For information on all of AEE's realtime distance learning seminars, visit www.aeeprograms.com/realtime.

Instructed byFredric S. Goldner, C.E.M.

Presented in two 2-1/2 hour live online sessions
New Program Starts June 25 

This seminar covers all of the fundamental components of a complete, effective energy audit.
You'll begin by gaining a full understanding of the pre-audit work that needs to be done to make best use of auditing field time. The instructor will then take you through each component of the site visit phase of the audit -- covering who should be involved, data gathering and forensic detective techniques, and survey/monitoring tools. From there, you'll learn the best approaches to analysis of the audit data and pinpointing potential savings opportunities, including both energy and economic considerations.

The proper application of applicable energy rates will be emphasized, and the software tools available to assist you in the audit process will be reviewed. Finally and importantly, you'll gain a clear understanding of how to put together an effective audit report -- including both content and organizational issues -- so that the resulting information may be most effectively used and understood by its various end users.

For information on all of AEE's realtime distance learning seminars, visit www.aeeprograms.com/realtime.

Instructed by Terry Niehus, P.E., C.E.M.

Presented in six 2-hour live online sessions
New Program Starts June 25

Reliable Controls Here's your opportunity to take part in a focused, fast-paced instructional program, designed both to expand your knowledge and skills in the energy auditing field, and to serve as a preparatory vehicle for the examination required to achieve AEE's Certified Energy Auditor (CEAŽ) credential.

The course agenda takes you step by step through all aspects of energy auditing, including pre-audit work, data collection procedures, equipment familiarization, and utility analysis. End-use equipment and systems are discussed in detail, including lighting and HVAC systems, boiler and steam systems, controls, and building envelope, with emphasis placed on identifying energy conservation opportunities, and project prioritization using economic analyses. Water auditing and conservation methods are also addressed. The instructor will demonstrate useful calculation methods and use practical examples to help you in evaluating a wide variety of energy conservation measures.

The program is designed with the dual purpose of helping you both to improve your auditing skills, and to prepare for the Certified Energy Auditor examination. Completion of this seminar also fills the training requirement for CEA candidates. The link below will also provide you with access to more information about CEA certification and testing, as well as candidate requirements. For more about CEA certification and testing, and candidate requirements, Click Here.

For information on all of AEE's realtime distance learning seminars, visit www.aeeprograms.com/realtime.

The content of AEE's professional distance learning programs will be as comprehensive as that of similar live seminars offered by AEE. State-of-the-art teleconferencing allows you to ask questions, get live answers, and interact with both the instructor and your classmates -- all in real time, using your own computer and a phone. Upon completion of the program, you will receive a certificate of completion from the Association of Energy Engineers showing your continuing education credit.

Realtime distance learning programs offer a great solution for busy professionals who need to stay up to speed on the latest solutions for their facilities, but who prefer to minimize both travel costs and time away from the office.

For information on all of AEE's realtime distance learning seminars, visit www.aeeprograms.com/realtime.


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