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Assured Automation Announces Newly Released Actuated Valve eBook

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By Industry Expert GŁnter ÷xler

Clark NJ – June 6, 2011 – Assured Automation is providing an eBook titled Automated Valves: Optimization of Process Control and Profits to mechanical engineers. The eBook is a compilation of educational articles written by the world renowned process engineering expert, GŁnter ÷xler.

Companies across the process, resource, and public utility industries appreciate the financial, operational, and even environmental benefits of automated valves. In order to stay competitive in the global marketplace, these companies know they need to modernize and automate their production processes to increase operating efficiencies. By transitioning from manual to automated valve systems, these companies experience the immediate and long-lasting impact that automated valves have on the ease of use, reliability, speed, and cost- effectiveness of their flow processes.

"Our eBook, Automated Valves: Optimization of Process Control and Profits, provides useful guidance for engineers who are designing for efficiency and cost-containment," observes Bill Farrell, president of Assured Automation. "We have supplied engineers with valve automation, including electric, mechanical and pneumatic actuation, analog and digital positioners, switches and controllers, as described in ÷xler's educational materials," he adds. "Our Valve Automation Center provides unique custom solutions meeting the most stringent requirements for high performance and cost-effective valving solutions."

Topics covered in the eBook include:
•    How to prepare butterfly valves with pneumatic part turn actuator for shipment and storage
•    Horizontally vs. vertically applied butterfly valves
•    Double eccentric butterfly valves
•    Process control valve operation under power shut-down / black-out conditions
•    Scotch yoke or rack-and-pinion pneumatic part-turn actuator?
•    How to design process valves with adjustable speed control for the opening and closing sequence
•    How to operate valves absolutely fail-safe without a power supply or control system
•    Manual operation and manual override
•    Saving costs: pneumatic actuation in water and wastewater technology
•    Simplify Your Process Control Solution in a batching system

Reliable Controls GŁnter ÷xler has a long history within the valve industry. He graduated in Process Engineering and Mechanical Engineering in Stuttgart, Germany, holds a MBA degree in VWA as well as a Controlling degree and is a REFA Specialist. For more than 25 years, GŁnter ÷xler has worked for several companies in the valve business, companies such as J.M.Voith GmbH (Hydropower and Paper Machinery), Erhard GmbH (R+D Process Valves and project engineering), and Festo AG & Co. KG (Project Manager and Project Engineer Process Automation). He is also member of the IWA, ISA, and VDI German Engineer.

The Automated Valves: Optimization of Process Control and Profits eBook can be downloaded from the
Assured Automation website at:

About Assured Automation
Assured Automation is a privately held company that sells automated valves, actuators, flow meters, and valve accessories. Located in Clark NJ, Assured Automation's customers include original equipment manufacturers, resellers, and end users. Their products are used for fluid and gas applications in air drying, pollution control, process control, laundry equipment, textile dyeing & drying, bottling & dispensing equipment, ink & paint dispensing, industrial compressors, and others. For more information contact Assured Automation by e-mail at info@assuredautomation.com or visit www.assuredautomation.com.


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