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BACnet International and BTL Implement Protocol Revision Requirement

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Testing and Listing Policy to Keep Pace with BACnet Standard Advancements

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) June 13, 2012 - BACnet International and the BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) announced today that they will be implementing a minimum protocol revision requirement for testing of products that are applying for BTL Listing. As the BACnet standard advances, the BTL wants products displaying the BTL Mark to advance with it to offer optimal interoperability between BACnet-based devices. This policy is being coordinated on a global basis and will be instituted starting in 2014 giving vendors more than a year to prepare for this change. Detailed information about the BTL and the policy change can be found here: http://www.bacnetinternational.net/btl/

The new policy will go into effect starting on Jan 1, 2014. All products and devices that are already BTL listed will be able to keep their current listing. When a listed product is submitted for re-testing due to modification made to the product, the product will have to meet the minimum protocol revision requirement in effect at that time. Products that are submitted to the lab before the minimum protocol revision is updated will be allowed to be tested at the protocol revision that was in effect when they made their testing application.

Duffy O’Craven, Manager of the BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL), discussed the new policy. “The periodic policy changes are a necessary and good thing for the BACnet community. The reasoning is that the BACnet standard is intended to be a single standard, but over time the small differences in protocol revisions accumulate, and those differences can hamper compatibility. This is BACnet International’s endeavor to limit the number of protocol revisions in practical use at any given time.” Mr. O’Craven added, “As the standard moves forward, it is important that products also advance to ensure that the user community gets the benefit of the newer features of the protocol.”

Andy McMillan, President of BACnet International and General Manager of Philips Teletrol, commented on the protocol revision, “The last few years have seen a steady increase in both the number of BACnet-based products and the capabilities of those products. To ensure device interoperability and maximum value for end users we need to continually adjust the protocol requirements for testing.” He added, “The BTL has devised a plan that will help advance the standard in a manageable way for manufacturers."

Control Solutions, Inc About BACnet® International
BACnet International is an industry association that facilitates the successful use of the BACnet protocol in building automation and control systems through interoperability testing, educational programs, and promotional activities. The BACnet standard was developed by ASHRAE and has been made publicly available so that manufacturers can create interoperable systems of products. BACnet International complements the work of the ASHRAE standards committee and BACnet-related interest groups around the world. BACnet International members include building owners, consulting engineers and facility managers, as well as companies involved in the design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of control equipment that use BACnet for communication. For more information, please visit http://www.bacnetinternational.org.

About BTL®
The BACnet Testing Laboratories working group was formed by BACnet International to oversee the BACnet conformance certification and listing program. The working group is comprised of members of BACnet International and BIG-EU whose goals are to promote and maintain the BACnet and BTL trademarks. The BACnet Testing Laboratories Working Group provides oversight and guidance to the BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL, and is responsible for the technical aspects of BACnet International's testing and listing activities, the central goal of which is to improve BACnet interoperability between building automation products.


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