June 2013
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QA Graphics Provides Sales Tool for Johnson Controls Branch Partners

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Ankeny, Iowa - QA Graphics, leading provider of design services for the building automation industry, has developed a new sales tool available for their Johnson Controls branch partners.

QA Graphics recently introduced a new product to market, the Reveal Sales Tool, and has developed a Reveal Sales Tool for their JCI branch partners to demonstrate graphic examples when discussing projects with clients. 

This interactive technology can greatly simplify the sales process.  Reveal serves as a central resource, allowing branches to use the interactive application to provide examples of BAS graphics and energy dashboards to help sell graphic solutions for JCI projects.

JCI branches have looked to QA Graphics for graphic solutions for over 10 years. The company’s team of trained mechanical engineers can create graphics for Graphics+, Standard, Advanced and custom projects.  

QA Graphics was named by Johnson Controls as one of only two pre-qualified subcontractors with the ability to perform Graphics+ work as they provided the 3D image creation and super templates for the Metasys Graphics Plus library. 

QA Graphics also provides BAS navigation graphics, 3D floor plan graphics, 3D equipment graphics, Energy Efficiency Education Dashboards and more.  QA Graphics’ Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard works with BAS communication protocols to display easy to understand building performance data to give occupants insight on building efficiency.  A streamlined solution is available for the Johnson Controls MetasysŪ building automation system.   The product is an interactive application that can be displayed on touchscreens, kiosks, mobile and web to educate occupants about sustainable building features. It can also be used to meet all display needs.

Control Solutions, Inc All of QA Graphics’ work is done in the U.S. Nothing is outsourced, so branches can be assured that support is just a phone call away.  To learn more about QA Graphics’ services or download a copy of the Reveal Sales Tool, Johnson Controls branches can visit http://www.qagraphics.com/bas-design/graphic-outsourcing/jci.html.  For branches that do work with QA Graphics, custom solutions can also be developed to fit specific needs.

About QA Graphics
QA Graphics is a leader in the building automation and green building industries, providing HVAC graphic development services, system graphics, floor plan graphics, and energy dashboards to help organizations educate occupants about building performance and sustainability. The company also specializes in interactive applications, 3D design and animation, mobile app development and other multimedia. Visit http://www.qagraphics.com to learn more.


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