June 2013
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Energy ETC Selected as Master Integrators for Zero Net Energy Center

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Union City, CA, June 11, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Energy ETC, Inc. has been selected as the master systems integrator for the nations first commercial building retrofit designed to meet the U.S. Department of Energy's requirement for a “zero net energy” building. The 46,000 square foot building located in San Leandro, CA is the home of the IBEW Local 595 and the Northern California Chapter of NECA's Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program.

This state-of-the-art facility has been named The Zero Net Energy Center and incorporates advanced lighting, HVAC systems and a unique building envelope with renewable energy systems in its design. These systems will be monitored and automatically controlled by an energy dashboard featured in the building's lobby.

Utilizing the Opendiem™ software suite by Building Clouds, Energy ETC will integrate disparate control systems for heating ventilation and air conditioning, lighting, and power monitoring with renewable energy generation systems. The energy dashboard will monitor and track the building's progress towards its zero net energy goal. Automated adjustments will occur in the background to ensure all systems are running optimally.

In addition to tracking the ZNEC's power generation and usage, the integrated Energy Management System will ensure that all connected building systems work in harmony to exceed the energy conservation goals of the Obama Administration's Better Buildings Challenge. The ZNEC is designed to use 75% less energy compared to similar existing commercial buildings in the country. Energy ETC's control system will optimize lighting and HVAC systems while taking advantage of natural lighting and automated operable windows for natural ventilation. Constant monitoring of building energy usage will be compared to the power generated by the ZNEC's wind turbines, solar tree, rooftop solar, and thermal solar systems.

The ZNEC will serve as the training facility for over 2,000 electricians in Alameda County. Classrooms will have access to the Energy ETC control system as part of their curriculum in advanced building controls for renewable and energy efficient systems.

About Energy ETC, Inc.
Energy ETC provides building automation and energy management solutions which can be seamlessly integrated into a customers existing IP infrastructure to create a fully converged network. We design and install state of the art, open,non-proprietary systems that can be easily accessed and controlled via the internet.

contemporary Established in 1993, our Engineering Team has over 100 years of building automation and energy
management experience. Energy ETC's partnerships with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) enable us to provide our customers with a fully trained Green Workforce to meet today's unique technological and environmental challenges. Find more information at www.energyetc.com

About Building Clouds, LLC
Building Clouds is changing the way building systems connect, share data, and make intelligent real time decisions. We provide complete hardware and software solutions for Building Automation and Energy Management Systems that seamlessly integrate data generated from building services and industrial processes into a simple easy to use web-based interface accessible literally anywhere, anytime. The Opendiem™ Suite can be hosted on any virtual cloud-based hardware platform so it doesn't require a proprietary connection to a controls network. Using your existing IT network infrastructure or the Internet, Opendiem allows you to monitor and control the settings and efficiency of building systems and industrial processes. Based on proven communications standards, Opendiem is fluent in most building
management and industrial control system protocols. Product details can be found at

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