June 2015
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QA Graphics Partners with DGLogik

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20 May 15 - QA Graphics is proud to announce a partnership with DGLogik, Inc., providing enhanced graphic services for customers utilizing DGLogik’s IoT Application Platform, DGLux5. For over 8 years, QA Graphics has developed and maintained long-term relationships by providing graphic services to control manufacturers, building owners and system integrators – QA Graphics is confident that this partnership with DGLogik will only enhance the level of services provided.

Utilizing DGLux5 allows QA Graphics’ team, mechanical engineers, graphic designers, drafters and 3D designers, to not just rapidly build graphics inside a modern environment but rapidly develop full featured, comprehensive applications that meet the needs of their end users. QA Graphics’ interactive and experienced team, made up of JavaScript and HTML professionals, allows them to easily dive into the workspace of DGLux5 and quickly develop and offer custom IoT applications without the need of extensive training nor experience. “The application development time for our dev team will be far less than what we have experienced. Having this drag and drop environment for our developers allows us to create these modern applications without heavy, manual coding.  It will allow us to further our creativity and quickly hand over a complete IoT solution to our clients” says President of QA Graphics, Dan McCarty.

DGLux5 is an IoT Rapid Application Development Platform that enables access to all data sources in a single, unified workspace. It is a modern workspace environment with all WYSIWYG data visualization tools necessary to build data-driven applications and dashboards without ever writing code. DGLux5 maximizes analysis efficiency and enables faster communication through real-time, data driven dashboards for web, desktop and mobile devices.

Reliable Controls “We are proud to partner with QA Graphics. We see this partnership to be extremely valuable to joint customers as it brings together QA Graphics’ strong design expertise with our leading IoT Application platform. We look forward to delivering first-rate solutions with maximum efficiency and optimum performance, continuing to push the envelope in application design and html5 technology.” says DGLogik, Inc. CEO Eugene Mazo.

About DGLogik

Founded in 2007, DGLogik, Inc., is a San Francisco based technology company providing innovative software solutions that enable, drive and visualize the Internet of Everything Their open distributed intelligence platform facilitates device inter-communication, logic and visualization. DGLogik’s award-winning technologies simplify the creation and implementation of smart and connected devices via a visual programming interface. For more information on DGLogik, Inc., visit www.DGLogik.com.


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