June 2019
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J2 Innovations announces the launch of FIN 5, for release this summer

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J2 Innovations announces the launch of FIN 5, for release this summer the most innovative and advanced software platform for building automation and IoT Applications. With the Launch of FIN 5, the FIN Framework is now more Open, Fast, Robust, and Extensible.  Software for building automation has a lot to offer building owners, facility managers, system integrators and users. From its inception, J2 Innovations has sought to simplify the software used to manage building automation systems and provide the most open, flexible, and user-friendly software on the market.

The first iteration of this was FIN Builder, a product that offered simplified and enhanced visualization graphics for 3rd party automation systems. FIN Builder then evolved into the FIN Framework; an all new approach to an open framework that included a full application suite for building automation and IoT. The FIN Framework technology is today sold globally to OEM partners, and in the North American market also sold through distributors as the brand, FIN Stack.

Now, J2 Innovations is launching the latest incarnation of FIN Framework; FIN 5, the most innovative and advanced software platform for building automation and IoT applications. FIN is a software suite which provides monitoring, control, scheduling, alarming, visualization, integration, and analytics capabilities designed for OEM partners to customize and incorporate into their products or systems. FIN Framework is already used by a variety of system manufacturers involved in BAS, HVAC, lighting, and shading control in buildings.

FIN’s architecture continues to be the only platform for building automation and IoT that is fully based on the use of semantic tagging. FIN natively supports the Project Haystack open standard for defining and communicating building related data across multiple instances.

In addition to FIN 5, J2 Innovations is also announcing FIN Cloud, which will be released in the near future. FIN Cloud adds to FIN Framework support for secure remote connection via the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud, greatly simplifying remote connectivity for multi-site building operators. FIN Cloud provides OEM partners with powerful support for SaaS architectures, using the Haystack open standard protocol over MQTT for the Edge to Cloud connectivity. FIN Cloud simplifies remote site management by use of fully authenticated certificate based security, with the connection to the cloud “pushed” from the site to avoid the complexity and difficulty working with IT departments. 

The FIN Framework is now more open, fast, robust, and extensible than ever before.

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