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Wireless Sensors Releases Third Generation Sensor Network              

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SensiNet provides "out-of-the-box" wireless sensor network for critical monitoring application  
Portland, ME. March 29, 2011. Wireless Sensors, LLC today announced the release of SensiNet, its third generation wireless sensor network designed to address environmental monitoring in Data Centers, Life Sciences and Industrial applications where ease of deployment and extreme reliability are critical. SensiNet is a building block data acquisition and reporting system leveraging the power of advanced wireless mesh network architecture and spread spectrum frequency hopping radio technology to provide a complete solution for crucial environmental monitoring. Its building block approach is cost effective for the smallest application but scales easily to address enterprise class needs.

Battery operated Smart Sensors are available for ambient temperature and humidity, resistance temperature detectors (RTD's), 4-20mA and contact closure inputs allowing reporting and data logging of virtually any physical measurement. They automatically form mesh sensor networks upon power up eliminating complicated programming and all configuration parameters such as RTD type (2,3,4 wire, 100 Ohm PT, 10 CU, etc) is done over the air.

The mesh network backbone is enhanced and extended by Mesh Routers which relay network traffic, verify data integrity (CRC error checking) and ensure end-to-end message transmission. The system provides complete message acknowledgement which ensuring no lost measurements.

PlantPROCORE The SensiNet Services Gateway is a stand-alone appliance which provides network configuration and monitoring services along with data logging, trending and alerting. It also contains a rich suite of protocols such as Modbus TCP, OPC, Web Services, SOAP, SNMP and ODBC making integration with third party systems and software simple. All functions are configured through the Gateways on board web server requiring only a standard browser interface.

"SensiNet represents the current state-of-the-art in wireless sensor networks" says Paul Richards of Wireless Sensors, LLC. "We have been developing these systems since the early days of the technology and this generation represents a major advancement in ease of use and reliability allowing the SensiNet system to suit the most demanding applications. The system outperforms wired data acquisition systems at a fraction of the cost providing customers a double benefit to their bottom line."
About Wireless Sensors:
Wireless Sensors is a leading supplier of sensor networking products for commercial and industrial markets leveraging standards compliant networking technology. The company integrates physical measurement sensors with advanced low power mesh radios for energy conservation, regulatory compliance, process optimization and other high value application requiring high performance at a low total cost of ownership.  For more information visit



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