Press Release - May 2001
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ABB Software Tools and Computer Training Programs (CBT) Makes Installation, Operation and Training of Motor Drive Operators Easy

PlantPROCORE NEW BERLIN, Wis., Spring, 2001 -- ABB's Drive Window™ PC Tool and Computer Based Training Programs make installation and operation of ABB extensive line of Variable Frequency Drives easy. Here's a look at ABB's most recent new industrial computer tools and programs:

DriveWindowÔ PC Tool -- ABB supports the overall performance of its drives with a comprehensive range of software tools. These Windows®-based tools optimize sizing, engineering, ease start-up and maintenance support of drive systems. Tools for the above drives include: 

Drives Window -- provides an extremely user friendly way to start up, control and maintain a drive from a PC. The tool is easy to learn and can be used for several types of drives at the same time. It can edit, upload and download parameters, as well as produce trends and monitor signals;

Drives Window Light -- facilitates control of the drive from a PC via a Modbus serial communication capability. This makes drive control from a centralized location easy.

Computer Based Training Programs - Designed for individuals that are new to Variable Frequency Drives and Motors, or as a refresher course, ABB's new comprehensive training programs provide individualized learning for motor and drive operators in as little as 3 - 5 hours. The self-paced programs can be used at users' sites and increase trainees' retention by up to 40 percent. CBT programs also ensure that both individuals and/or entire groups receive the same training. 

Available for both ABB's ACS 400 and ACS 600 Drive Series, the CBT programs can save end users invaluable start-up time through simulation of how to use and apply application macros before equipment arrives. The training software guides users through the entire installation-to-implementation process; explains and demonstrates the macros; and simulates both programming exercises and actual "run tests" of the drive and motor. The programs also record student responses for review and further learning. 

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