May 2004
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Opto 22 Introduces Nvio(tm) 
Nvio Starter Kit Provides Low-Risk Way to M2M 

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Control Solutions, Inc

Temecula, CA -  Opto 22, a developer and manufacturer of hardware and software for industrial automation, remote monitoring, enterprise data acquisition, and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, has announced Nvio, the first system of its kind to combine all the required elements for M2M applications into a single offering.

Nvio is the first M2M system to market that supplies all required sensor interfaces, wired or wireless communications, and a software portal application into a single package. Prior to Nvio, companies pursuing M2M initiatives were left to source each of these components separately from different vendors, at a large investment of time and expense.

Nvio provides a low-risk, easily deployed method to monitor, message, control, and acquire operational data from the extended enterprise. Applications can include remote monitoring and management of data points for tanks, pipelines, and manufacturing equipment; as well as status and on/off control for lights, motors, generators, and other equipment. Applications of this type improve operations in the manufacturing, telecom, utility, and other markets, and also positively impact supply chain, energy management, and regulatory compliance initiatives.

Nvio includes the equipment needed to physically connect and establish sensor and actuator interfaces to remote assets; communications components to provide data transmission over various mediums (including wired Ethernet, wireless LAN, dial-up and cellular); and 24-hour access through the Web portal. Developed for Opto 22 by Dallas-based SensorLogic, the Web portal provides a secure interface for customers to view their assets and exercise Nvio's extensive management, alarming, and messaging capabilities.

As part of its Nvio offering, Opto 22 has developed the Nvio Starter Kit, which uses embedded wireless wide area network (WAN) technology from Sony Ericsson to communicate M2M data over GSM/GPRS cellular networks. Using this Starter Kit, customers can quickly prove Nvio's utility as a comprehensive, single-sourced, and affordable system for M2M applications.


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