May 2004
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Niagara Summit is a huge success. 

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Attracts over 350 attendees from around the world.

Richmond, VA, May 2004.  Tridium Inc., a leading developer of technology that connects facility assets to the enterprise, announce higher than expected participation for the inaugural Niagara Summit.  The show attracted 350 attendees from around the world, 25 exhibitors, and dozens of prominent speakers, validating the reach of the Niagara community. 

Held at Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa, FL, the two-day summit included speakers from organizations including Sun Microsystems, IBM, M2M Magazine, FocalPoint Group, Teng and Associates, Trane, Duke Energy, Federated Department Stores, Echelon, and more.  The diverse group educated attendees on new technologies, business opportunities, and market conditions. “The Niagara Summit provided an excellent array of innovative vendors and thought leaders in the area of enterprise telemetry”, said David Watson, Commercial Building Systems Group, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.  Ian Barkin, Director, FocalPoint Group concurred. “The summit provided a tremendous learning and networking experience”, said Barkin.  “There was a lot of excitement and energy throughout the event”.  Exhibitors took the opportunity to show their products and solutions, many of which were built on, or integrated with, the Niagara Framework®.   

Host of the Niagara Summit and creator of the Niagara Framework, Tridium, Inc. has experienced exceptional growth over the past five years, having just completed the most successful quarter in their eight-year history.  That growth has created an enormous community of developers, manufacturers, systems integrators, users, and consultants. “The summit provided the forum for members of the community to share ideas. Attendees had a firsthand opportunity to see the introduction of new product and service offerings based on unique applications of the Niagara Framework. The success of the summit shows the strength of the community and the impact it is having in the facility automation, energy services and M2M markets,” commented John Petze, Tridium President & CEO. 

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