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SkyFoundry and IBCon 2014 - Preview

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John PetzeIt has been extremely interesting to see how quickly data analytics have come to the forefront of the discussion on improving building performance. Using available data has proven to be a highly successful and cost effective method of improving facility performance. The topic will be central to the IBCon event in June and I (John Petze) have the distinct honor of being involved in four IBCon sessions devoted to the topic of using data to operate facilities more intelligently and efficiently.

The Advanced Building ANALYTICS - From Data to Information to Action session will focus on the process of utilizing data to drive facility operation improvements, focusing on each major step in the process from data access and collection to assessment of appropriate rules, and organizing internal processes to respond to detected issues.

While in the Data, Data, Data – The Integrators Role In Delivering Data Centric Applications we will speak to the skills set needed, and challenges involved in delivering analytics solutions that produce meaningful results.

The Intelligence at the Edge - SMART DEVICES Delivered will provide a perspective on moving parts of the analytics function to edge devices. This is partly a response to the challenges of getting operational data to the cloud.

The Project Haystack – A Smart Building Industry Initiative to Create DATA STANDARDS session will provide a solid introduction to the Project-Haystack data modeling and tagging effort with real world examples delivered by systems integrators that are successfully tackling data integration across a wide range of systems.

Control Solutions, Inc Two related published articles of interest and background:

oBIX & Project Haystack -- Understanding where each fits. oBIX and the open source Haystack are both excellent choices to make data integration easy.

Understanding The Facets of “OPEN” - There are a number of facets of openness that affect building owners and those of us that work with automation systems.


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