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Agenda for Smart Building Integrator Summit - IBCon

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I’m pleased to be able to share the agenda for the upcoming Smart Building Integrator Summit next month at Realcomm | IBcon with you.

I’ve been working closely with the programming team and together we have lined up a great list of speakers, all who are pushing the envelope on smart building initiatives in their organizations.
If you’re a traditional HVAC, IT, Lighting, Low Voltage, Security, AV or Smart Building integrator looking to expand your service offerings and meet the contemporary needs of today’s intelligent buildings, portfolios, campuses and cities, I strongly encourage you to attend this event.

The role of today's System Integrator (responsible for smart buildings) is changing before our eyes. This Summit is intended to help define what the System Integrator of the future looks like.
I look forward to meeting you in June.
PAUL OSWALD – Event Advisor
Environmental Systems, Inc. (ESI)


Defining a Smart, Connected, High-Performance Intelligent Building
Jim Young, President & Co-Founder, Realcomm | IBcon
Jim YoungThe building automation world has been around for a very long time. The idea of instrumenting a building is nothing new. However, the next generation of smart buildings, which are open, interoperable, integrated and IP-centric offer a whole new set of opportunities and challenges. Jim Young will provide an overview of what this next generation of buildings, portfolios, campuses and even cities look like and will discuss the business drivers and the technology that powers it.

Smart Building Market Overview - What Does the Next Few Years Look Like?
Marc Petock, VP Marketing, Lynxspring, Inc. & Frank Rotello, President, Inside IQ
Marc PetockFrank RotelloIn the history of the smart building marketplace, there has never been the velocity of change that we are experiencing right now. Marc Petcok and Frank Rotello will lead this session and discuss topics such as market growth projections, technology/solution saturation, ROI strategies as well as hiring and retention issues.

What Do Customers Want? A Discussion with Major End Users
Eric Stromquist, VP, ControlTrends
Eric StromquistAs the market changes, so does the expectation of clients. Previously, conversations involved a local client talking about instrumenting a function in a single building. Now, this same client has 100 buildings across the country and wants to converge all the systems, analytics, process automation and more. In this session, real estate, facilities and IT executives from Microsoft, Forest City, Zurich and Related Companies, will share what they want from system integrators.

Building Automation Cyber-Security: Integrators Take Front and Center
Marty Edwards, Director, Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Marty Edwards There is no way you can avoid hearing about the issues surrounding cyber-security today. High profile attacks and weekly news have brought high visibility to this issue. With the bad guys having a distinct advantage, the industry must find comprehensive and sophisticated solutions, which places the systems integrator 'front and center'. This segment will outline just how bad the problems are, and the systems integrators role in addressing these issues.

contemporary A Fast Changing Market - Assessing Current Skills and Developing New Ones
Paul Oswald, President, Environmental Systems, Inc. (ESI)
Paul Oswald With the building automation market changing at an rapid rate, it is almost impossible for system integrators to keep pace. Advanced technologies, business models, client organizational structures as well as the complexities of learning to sell more sophisticated solutions through a consultative approach are just some of the things system integrators need to know. Paul Oswald, an industry leader who has transformed his organization over the last 10 years, will lead this session.

Data, Data, Data - The Integrators Role in Delivering Data Centric Applications
John Petze, Principal, SkyFoundry
John Petze Nowadays, everywhere you look someone is talking about data...big and small. In some cases, it is quite confusing and in others, too complicated. That being said, there is no way that the system integrator in today’s market can avoid it. An understanding of IT in general databases, analytics (predictive & prescriptive), visualization and advanced integration is quickly becoming the norm. This segment will be run by John Petze, one of the pioneers in Big Data in our industry.

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