May 2014
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Session Energy Management Systems IBCon 2014 – Preview

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Developing an Effective SELECTION PROCESS

Ken SinclairI (Ken Sinclair) am extremely pleased and honored to be the moderator for this panel of industry experts who will help me and you discover some of the best practises today In Developing an Effective SELECTION PROCESS.

Before my 15 years as I worked as an Energy Conservation Automation consultant. It was a time when Direct Digital Control  was replacing physical devices.  System capabilities were evolving so rapidly that the specification of products became problematic and limited our ability to rapidly evolve. We worked developing a procurement manual for all consultants in the early 1990s on the internet for the province of British Columbia.  This manual is still online. The manual was  based on the concept of having the automation, controls, and integration carried as a PC sum removed from the general contract. Then a Request for Proposal was prepared that responded to our client's mandatory requirements.

After every proposal was reviewed and evaluated new mandatory requirements evolved. The industry taught us how fast we could evolve. Competition was strong to bring new features that added great value to each proposal.

I am extremely interested to find out how today's experts are handling the selection process of purchasing cloud services and equipment that was just invented yesterday.

The timing of construction and the rapid change of technology requires solutions that can be applied quickly.

Buying solutions several years before they will be used is problematic and insures obsolescence.

Please join me for an exciting discussion from our panel at IBCon 2014.

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Speakers: Rob Murchison, Intelligent Buildings; Brian Oswald, Environmental Systems, Inc. (ESI); Micah Remley, EnerNOC; Jim Sinopoli, Smart Buildings; Peter Scarpelli, CBRE

Wednesday 6/18/2014

5:00PM - 6:00PM

Energy Management Systems – Developing an Effective SELECTION PROCESS

The list of companies offering Energy Management Systems (EMS) continues to grow. For the real estate owner/operator, it has become an exhaustive task to identify, organize and analyze the different options for a final, incisive decision. To further complicate matters, there are various components of EMS that include analytics, visualization, fault detection, middleware and data warehouse integration and process automation. This informative session will attempt to bring clarity to EMS on issues such as platform capabilities, execution and support, vendor longevity and others.


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