May 2020
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Lynxspring Announces New Onyxx® XM 34IO-B Modular, Input/Output Extender Module for JENEsys® Edge™ and Niagara JACE® Controllers

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Lynxspring, Inc. (, a premier developer and provider of open, software and hardware platforms for smart buildings and device-to-enterprise integration and applications, today announced the availability of a new, 34 I/O Extender Module that expands the control functionality and capabilities of Niagara-based controllers by extending inputs and outputs. The Onyxx® XM 34IO-B is the latest addition to Lynxspring’s Edge Enabled™ portfolio of embedded controllers, gateways and expansion modules.

The Onyxx® XM 34IO-B Extender Module, specifically designed to be controlled using a BACnet network, expands the functionality and capabilities of smart building controllers that are based on the Niagara Framework, and can be daisy-chained in sequence to provide even more I/Os. The unit works with Lynxspring’s JENEsys® PC 8000 Controller, JENEsys® Edge™ 534 Controller, JENEsys® Edge™ 534 Monnit Controller, JENEsys® Edge™ 514 Controller, and the recently announced JENEsys® Edge™ 534 4G LTE Cellular Controller, and any Niagara JACE® 8000.

Features of the Onyxx® XM 34IO-B Extender Module with 34 Points of I/O includes 10 Digital Outputs, 8 Analog Outputs, and 16 Universal Inputs. Using the BACnet protocol, Lynxspring’s JENEsys® PC 8000 and JENEsys® Edge™ devices, as well as any Niagara JACE® 8000 controller, can be connected using the BACnet MS/TP port. The Onyxx® XM 34IO-B is easily configured and updated using the Micro-USB port and maintains full functionality in system configurations where cable length is greater than 30 feet.

The Onyxx® XM 34IO-B and Lynxspring’s Edge Enabled™ portfolio of embedded controllers, gateways and extender modules are ideal for use in commercial buildings and industrial facilities, both new and retrofit, for multi-site environments and equipment such as air handling units, roof top units, boilers, fan coil units and heat pumps.

The Onyxx® XM 34IO-B Extender Module allows companies, using the BACnet protocol, to make use of a universal platform across an entire architecture, integrate seamlessly into a Niagara network, while supporting the Niagara IP Horizontal Architecture.

Control Solutions, Inc More information about the Onyxx® XM 34IO-B Extender Module and all of Lynxspring’s technology, products and services is available at

About Lynxspring, Inc.
Embracing open software and hardware platforms, Lynxspring develops, manufactures and distributes edge-to-enterprise solutions and IoT technology to create intelligent buildings, better energy management systems, equipment control and specialty machine-to-machine and IoT applications. Lynxspring technologies and solutions simplify connectivity, integration, interoperability, data access and normalization and analytics from the edge to the enterprise. The company’s solutions are deployed in millions of square feet of commercial settings in the United States and internationally. More information about Lynxspring is available at


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