Press Release - November 2002
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ABB Adds Enhancements to Side-by-Side Electronic Bypass/Drive - Booth # 3435

ABB Enhances Electronic Bypass for ACH 400 DriveNew Berlin, Wis., ABB Enhances Electronic Bypass for ACH 400 Drive - Built-in enhancements to the Side-by-Side Electronic Bypass/Drive include run-permissive circuitry: with a start command of any kind, the bypass/drive will signal the damper to open - and wait until it receives status confirmation, before allowing motor operation.

Two modes of fireman's override circuits make it easy to 1) shift the motor to bypass operation for smoke purge; and/or 2) override both keypad and building automation commands, to ensure local drive/motor operation. Additional design refinements: membrane keypad for bypass operation and status display (bypass H-O-A, override, etc.); fault-reset button for the selectable Class 20 or Class 30 electronic overload; monitor and control of bypass/drive via RS485 serial communication from building automation system; and selectable manual or automatic transfer from drive to bypass.

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