November 2006
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Converged Technology Systems Creating “Smart” Buildings

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Spicewood, TX  – Smart buildings are a significant trend in both technology and real estate development. Major technology companies such as Cisco Systems have created "connected" real estate groups to focus on the needs of the emerging market. Business media entities such as The Wall Street Journal have identified smart buildings as an important trend in the construction and real estate development sectors.

Jim Sinopoli has used his 25 years of experience in technology consulting and engineering to create a "how to" book for designing and operating the multitude of systems involved in today’s new buildings. Smart Buildings (ISBN: 0-9786144-0-2), just released by Spicewood Publishing, is a practical guide for architects, engineers, developers, contractors and design consultants. The book covers the basic design foundations, technology and management systems encompassing a smart building framework.

The basis for smart buildings is a handful of technical standards that are ubiquitous within computer networks. Those standards are in the process of dominating the marketplace, as evidenced by their use in telephones (VoIP) and video surveillance systems. Other technology systems in a building such are lighting control, heating, ventilation and air conditioning are also evolving to those standards. These prominent standards are coalescing to become integral components in the smart building deployment.

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Primary reasons for building a smart building are related to cost savings in construction and operation, and the improved functionality that comes with system integration. Simply put the building managers, support staff and tenants can do more with lower costs, greater efficiencies and heightened technological capabilities.

“Technology always has and always will influence the buildings we build. The convergence of communications networks within our buildings is a significant technological and building transformation.” says Jim Sinopoli. He plans to follow up Smart Buildings with handbooks for specific types of buildings, including schools, hospitals and office buildings. Smart Buildings can be ordered at  or via e-mail at 

About the Author
For over 25 years, Mr. Sinopoli has worked extensively on projects involving the configuration and optimization of technology systems and networks. He is an industry expert, speaker and continuing education provider. Mr. Sinopoli has received the international Harry J. Pfister award from the Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI). His experience includes clients in the healthcare, corporate, education, manufacturing, finance, construction and government industry sectors. Mr. Sinopoli is a licensed Professional Engineer and a Registered Communications Distribution Designer. He lives in Texas with his wife, three kids, two dogs and three cats.


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