November 2009
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Belimo's new HD series line of Ductile Iron Butterfly ValvesBelimo's new HD series line of Ductile Iron Butterfly Valves

These valves are designed to meet the needs of HVAC and Commercial applications requiring positive shut-off for liquids at higher pressures and temperatures. Typical applications include chiller isolation, cooling tower isolation, change-over systems, large air handler coil control, bypass and process control applications. The large Cv values provide for an economical control valve solution for larger flow applications.

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White Paper Alert -

Seven Ways Today's Distributed Control Systems (DCS) Can Save You 20% or More
White Paper By ABB
In the past, DCS Systems were large, expensive and very complex. This drove many control engineers to use PLCs and HMIs in order to lower cost. Today, these implementations are consistently more expensive than DCS systems for the same process or batch application. This white paper documents the key advantages of DCS systems over PLC/HMI engineered systems and the typical value of each.

Optimizing OPC Communications with Middleware Products
By Softing
OPC middleware products enhance any OPC-based application. An intelligent set of OPC products simplifies the commissioning and operation of OPC clients and servers, significantly improves the data throughput of OPC interfaces, and ensures reliable OPC communication links.

85-inch Panasonic Pro PlasmaNew thinner, brighter, lighter 85-inch Panasonic Pro Plasma goes anywhere

The new 85-inch Pro Plasma with NeoPDP™ technology integrates the latest Plasma innovations to deliver brighter, more vivid images with deep, rich blacks in a thin, lightweight display that is more energy-efficient, and large enough to show images life-sized. 
What’s more, as with all Panasonic Professional Displays, it is fully expandable for a wide variety of professional uses with our triple multi-function slots that accept a variety of customizable plug-in boards.

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WAGO Advanced UPS Modules WAGO Advanced UPS Modules

WAGO Corporation has added a UPS Controller (and batteries), as well as Buffer and Redundancy modules to the 787 Series Advanced Power Supply line. The 787 Series modules minimize downtime by shielding complex automation systems and components from common disturbances (e.g., voltage fluctuations, harmonic distortion and outages).

Encapsulated in a robust, DIN-rail mount metal housing, every module includes three LEDs, and at least one signal output status LED (varies per model). To ensure reliability, the modules utilize CAGE CLAMP® Spring Pressure Connection Technology for fast, easy and maintenance-free terminations.

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ComarkComark Corporation Announces Availability of UL864 Recognized DuraMobile Computer

Comark Corporation, a leader in the design and manufacture of lifesafety rated computer and display solutions for the building automation market, announced today the availability of its UL864 9th Edition Recognized DuraMobile™ computer. The UL864 9th Edition specification is an NFPA requirement for equipment installed in life safety applications such as fire alarms, smoke control and mass notification. Testing was carried out by Underwriters Laboratories, in Northbrook, IL. The DuraMobile is also recognized under ULC-S527 as a control unit fire alarm system under Canadian standards.

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RS232/485 to Wi-Fi Converter - Exemys WirelessRS232/485 to Wi-Fi Converter - Exemys Wireless

Enables access to remote devices while minimizing costly cabling.
This device permits the visualization and mangement of digital inputs and outputs, from your web page, SNMP traps or ASCII commands via TCP/IP.. Operation Modes:
- Ad-Hoc Mode
- Infrastructure Mode

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Remote Control and AlarmRemote Control and Alarm with SMS messages

GTS is a device that acquires events and alarms and gives access to remote inputs and outputs from remote devices, via SMS text messages from mobile phones.

It has digital and analog inputs/outputs that let you connect to any device, machine or industrial processOperation Modes:
- Alarm Mode
- Remote Control Mode
- Serial Server Mode
- Analog Acquisition Mode

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High Accuracy Temp / RH Data Logger with DisplayHigh Accuracy Temp / RH Data Logger with Display

Building on the success of the EL-USB-2-LCD, Lascar Electronics has launched a new version of the popular temperature and humidity data logger that includes a more accurate built-in temp/RH sensor. Designed for those users who need even greater precision, the EL-USB-2-LCD+ has an improved accuracy of ±2%RH and ±0.6°F (±0.3°C) over the ±3%RH and ±1°F (±0.5°C) accuracy of the original. Both units measure and record over 16,000 temperature readings from -31 to +176°F (-35 to +80°C) and over 16,000 relative humidity readings from 0 to 100%RH. The 2 ½ digit high contrast LCD provides indication of minimum, maximum, and last stored temp/RH readings at the touch of a button.

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Racine Releases Flow Meters For Steam MeasurementRacine Releases Flow Meters For Steam Measurement

Racine Vortex has released their RNS Series (Insertion) and RWS Series (Wafer) Vortex Steam Flow Meters. The meters are suitable for measuring non-condensing steam and saturated process steam at pressures up to 150 psi. Leading applications include boiler monitoring and other energy-related uses, as well as building and facilities management. Both the RNS and RWS series meters have no moving parts and are virtually maintenance-free. All meters in both series are loop-powered devices with standard HART communication for ease of field programming and system integration.

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Artila's New Matrix-504 Industrial Grade Box ComputerArtila's New Matrix-504 Industrial Grade Box Computer

Artila Electronics Co., Ltd., an emerging force in the industrial PC solutions field, announced their new ARM9-based, Linux-ready, industrial box computer -- the Matrix-504. Its fanless ARM9 RISC CPU and strong metal case design make the Matrix-504 ideal for industrial applications that require a powerful and reliable automation controller.

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