October 2018
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ASI Controls Announces U.S. Manufacture of new USB-IO Device

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The announcement is part of a larger commitment toward more U.S. based manufacturing

SAN RAMON, Ca. –  ASI Controls, a leading building automation systems manufacturer has announced an agreement with Electronic Design & Manufacturing of Lynchburg Virginia to build the new ASIC/3-USB-IO Expander. The agreement marks the third ASI product built in the United States.

The ASIC/3-USB-IO Expander provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning controls installers a low-cost, easy-to-implement method for increasing the number of inputs and outputs available for certain programmable controllers.

Powered solely by the host controller, the USB-IO allows users to immediately starting using eight additional analog inputs, eight relay outputs, and four analog outputs. By connecting the Expander to an ASIC/3 controller, all of the new inputs and outputs are automatically added to the host controller’s I/O count. This new I/O looks identical to the host’s native I/O and is configured using Visual Expert.

ASI’s decision to assemble the USB-IO in the United States is one step in a broader effort toward moving assembly of its entire product line within the country. ASI currently contracts a Minnesota-based company to build its ASIC/1-6100 and 8100 products, while ASIC/3-9520 and 9540 products are built in Malaysia.

Mike Fong, Chief Operating Officer, said the company is committed to doubling U.S. production in 2019 and intends on building its next generation of controllers within the United States.

“We are proud to be able to assemble many of our products in the USA,” Fong said. “Aside from contributing to the growth of the American manufacturing sector, we have seen first-hand the benefits in quality, time, and shipping savings by utilizing U.S. workers. It’s a savings we can pass on to our customers.”

contemporary Electronic Design & Manufacturing is an ISO certified electronics manufacturer specializing in PCB products. Since 1990, EDM has had a proven track record of building high-quality PCB products at competitive price levels.

“EDM has impressed us from the start,” Fong said. “From the first meeting, they really took the time to fully understand the USB-IO and our manufacturing requirements. We were pleased to discover that EDM shares our commitment to quality and support.”
The first ASIC/3-USB-IO devices are expected to ship from EDM in November.

About ASI Controls

Based in San Ramon, CA, ASI Controls manufactures BACnet direct digital controls (DDC) for the heating, ventilating, air conditioning (HVAC) and light industrial marketplace. Customers use ASI products to manage environmental conditions, monitor status of key systems and components, and optimize building energy use. Since introducing terminal unit controllers to the U.S. market in 1987, the company has been a consistent innovator and early adopter of key DDC technologies, including Ethernet connectivity, object-oriented controller programming, OPC interoperability, web interfaces, and automated demand control. For more information visit


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