October 2018
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Tridonic's Innovative net4more IP-connected Lighting System Enables Transition of Data to Useful Information

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Tridonic featuring its net4more system at the debut of the Connected Tech Expo 2018 in Las Vegas which is co-located with LightShow West

Dornbirn, Austria, October 16, 2018 - Tridonic, a leading global provider of smart and efficient lighting solutions, continues to provide innovative solutions by leveraging lighting infrastructures. Tridonic's net4more IP-connected system provides the ability to transition building data into useful information. In modern office environments, various data such as air quality, visibility and illuminance is constantly being measured in order to create optimum working conditions. The net4more toolbox enables the integration of the appropriate sensors in order to record and analyse data, using the lighting infrastructure to do this. With net4more, Tridonic is taking the first step towards providing a platform on which building applications can add value in the future.
Tridonic is demonstrating the successful practical application of its net4more system through a pilot project: the manufacturer has installed a total of 200 devices, including sensors for various applications, at its headquarters in Dornbirn, Austria. The set-up includes 63 luminaires, 45 sensors and 8 controllers, as well as the respective communication modules and LED drivers. The net4more toolbox not only integrates sensors for measuring air quality, but also both occupancy and daylight sensors. This makes it possible to see how many people are in each room at any given time. The occupancy of conference and meeting rooms, for example, can be viewed via a monitor or by integrating this into the room occupancy system. Based on the occupancy data, Tridonic employees can either occupy the room at short notice or make other arrangements. They are also able to visualise the occupancy of offices, lounges, staff kitchens or departments, i.e. parts of rooms or floors. This makes it possible to implement targeted measures, such as adjusting the room temperature. The sensors are only able to determine the number of people in the rooms, rather than the identity of individuals, so that data protection is guaranteed at all times.
To learn more about Tridonic's net4more system, it will be showcased in booth #1803 at the Connected Tech Expo 2018. Co-located at LightShow West, the Connected Tech Expo 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada USA, debuts on October 17-18 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Connected Tech Expo is a tradeshow and conference dedicated to the needs of the Smart Buildings, Smart Cities and Smart Homes industries. Karl Jónsson, Tridonic USA's Chief Commercial Officer, will provide demonstrations on the open IP-based lighting control system, net4more. This system allows co-existence of other IP-based devises and the integration of many 3rd party applications for managing the data. Also, he will be discussing the exciting new opportunities for integration that are enabling the ability to 'monitor what the building is telling you'. As a key player in the IoT-ready AllianceTM and an active member of ZHAGA, Tridonic is also featuring the first IoT-readyTM driver. If you are interested in scheduling a meeting with Tridonic at the Expo, please contact Angie Kellen at
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Tridonic is a world-leading supplier of lighting technology, supporting its customers with intelligent hardware and software and offering the highest level of quality, reliability and energy savings. As a global driver of innovation in the field of lighting-based network technology, Tridonic develops scalable, future-oriented solutions that enable new business models for lighting manufacturers, building managers, systems integrators, planners and many other types of customers.


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