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Plexus Technology Announces Release of  ALTITUDE Version 3

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Stafford, England—Plexus Technology Limited, a leading provider of Web-based Enterprise Automation Solutions, announced today the release of ALTITUDE Version 3 (V3), enabling over 80 new features to their software suite of products.

The Plexus ALTITUDE Server provides a powerful range of applications to integrate, control and manage data from disparate building automation systems for multiple buildings. The solution can be bespoke to meet the most demanding requirements of a client needing, for example, to meet the requirements of regulation or operating in mission critical environments such as research and development or data centres where effective management of the building environmental conditions and associated data is essential.

ALTITUDE V3 extends the visibility, control and integration between building and business systems through additional features, including:
Web Based Configuration (WBC) now available for all ALTITUDE services
Extended third-party protocol support
New Alarm Handler and Data Logger and Presentation tools
New Report Engine features customisable reports with real-time data
New Alert Service provides email notification and schedules timed escalations
Enhanced ALTITUDE Pilot engineering tool with more than 30 new features including SmartComponent and Screen Template wizards and an extensive library of eye-catching symbols
Support for Windows XP and compatibility with Microsoft IIS

Control Solutions, Inc Two new applications are now supported with ALTITUDE V3 , the ALTITUDE Enterprise Manager and the ALTITUDE Energy Suite to further enhance the power of the Plexus Enterprise Automation Solution. The ALTITUDE Enterprise Manager is a powerful monitoring application that unifies data from multiple NetServers and provides centralised alarm management, security and maintenance, along with real-time, peer-to-peer communications between NetServers. The ALTITUDE Energy Suite is a comprehensive Web based automated targeting and monitoring application designed to help users manage and monitor energy usage. ALTITUDE Energy Suite reports used in conjunction with ALTITUDE Enterprise Manager enables greater operational efficiency and energy cost savings to be achieved in real time.

About Plexus Technology Ltd

Since its formation in 1997, Plexus Technology Ltd has been a leading supplier of Web based Enterprise Automation Solutions for the controls industry, providing an open solution that allows building control networks—regardless of protocol—to be monitored and controlled through the Internet/Intranet via a standard Web browser. The company’s powerful Web-serving software has enabled hundreds of businesses to maximize the efficiency and safety of their buildings through the integration of Building Controls and Business Systems. These solutions can be applied to a single building or a portfolio of buildings providing a user-friendly interface to a wide range of control and monitoring applications across many market sectors.



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