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Urjanet Supports New ENERGY STARŪ Portfolio ManagerŪ Tool

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Customers of Cloud-Based Energy Data Service Can Benchmark Easily with EPA Platform

Atlanta, GA (September 17, 2013) – Urjanet Inc., a provider of intelligent energy data to business and industry, today announced that its utilityCONNECT subscription-based, energy data service now supports EPA’s new version of ENERGY STARŪ Portfolio ManagerŪ released in July. Portfolio Manager is an online tool that helps companies measure and track energy use and greenhouse gas emissions to benchmark building performance. Urjanet now allows its customers to take the normalized utility usage data from utilityCONNECT and input that data directly into Portfolio Manager, saving tremendous time, improving benchmarking results and providing more accurate data with which to make business decisions.

Urjanet’s utilityCONNECT normalizes data streams from more than 800 utilities and other data sources to provide large corporations, government agencies and industrial facilities with a single, reliable source for actionable energy insight. The cloud-based subscription service delivers data such as electricity and natural gas billing, demand, consumption, history, tariffs and rate plans, weather data, interval metering and carbon intensity. In addition to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, utilityCONNECT integrates seamlessly with a customer’s existing cloud or enterprise software applications, accounting systems, business intelligence platforms, and energy and carbon management infrastructure.

“Urjanet’s mission is to help companies better understand and manage their energy use and spend with reliable, energy usage data,” said Urjanet CEO Sanjoy Malik. “The normalized data we provide to customers from every one of their myriad energy providers makes working with tools like Portfolio Manager, as well as the systems used by various compliance programs, much easier and more accurate for companies.”

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is an online tool businesses use to benchmark the performance of one building or an entire whole portfolio of buildings. According to the EPA, more than 40 percent of U.S. commercial building space is already benchmarked in Portfolio Manager making it the de facto industry standard. Additionally, more than 35 percent of the Fortune 500, half of the largest U.S. healthcare organizations, major league sports teams, colleges and universities, and major cities are standardizing on the tool. Portfolio Manager is used as well by the Canadian Government as the platform for its national energy benchmarking program for existing commercial and institutional buildings.

“Benchmarking energy performance in Portfolio Manager is critical to improving the energy efficiency of our nation’s buildings and protecting our environment,” said Jean Lupinacci, Chief of the ENERGYSTAR Commercial & Industrial Buildings Branch. “ENERGY STAR is proud to partner with companies like Urjanet, who are using EPA's tools and resources to help their customers continuously track and improve energy performance of their large portfolios.”

Reliable Controls Urjanet’s customers include large corporations and federal, state and local agencies that spend millions of dollars annually on electricity and natural gas, and have multiple business locations.
“In order for government led tools and efforts like Portfolio Manager to be successful and make a difference, they must have industry support from companies like Urjanet,” said Paul Baier, vice president, sustainability consulting and research, Groom Energy. “Integration with a platform like Urjanet has the potential to increase participation significantly in this important government initiative.”

About Urjanet:
Founded in 2010, Urjanet offers large companies an automated, accurate, and easy-to-use service that helps them to lower energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint and more effectively evaluate long-term energy investments. Urjanet’s utilityCONNECT platform collects, reconciles, and analyzes energy and carbon-related data from many different sources including smart meters and delivers the data feed directly to customer applications and decision-support systems. Founded by a team of veteran entrepreneurs with technology developed with the Georgia Institute for Technology, Urjanet is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It serves multiple large blue-chip clients and is becoming a leading provider of energy intelligence to business and industry. Innovation at Urjanet is supported by the Georgia Research Alliance ( and the National Science Foundation (


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