September 2014
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elitedali™ From CNS Cuts Lighting Energy Costs by up to 75%

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Control Network Solutions (CNS) has revealed that, according to fresh data received from a growing number of projects around the world, its elitedali™ web-based, lighting control solution is reducing the running costs of a typical lighting system by as much as 75%.

Recent studies from landmark elitedali schemes, including Standard Bank (South Africa), Tetra Pak (Italy), Bestseller (Denmark) and Vidzeme Concert Hall (Latvia) have demonstrated that this ground-breaking lighting control technology is dramatically cutting energy consumption for building owners by at least 60%. Designed for networks of Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) light fixtures in commercial, public, retail and industrial buildings, elitedali is the only approach that can be used with any DALI product conforming to the DALI IEC 62386 standard from any manufacturer. As a result, elitedali provides a genuinely vendor independent, converged and fully functioning DALI lighting control solution for quick, easy and cost-effective installation, operation and management.  

“Lighting accounts for anywhere between a very significant 25% to an incredible 65% of a building’s total electrical load,” says Mike Welch, Managing Director of CNS. ”At a time of rising fuel prices and increasingly unpredictable energy supply, building owners and managers are naturally focussed on reducing such energy expenditure as quickly and efficiently as they can. elitedali is a solution which is proven to deliver massive savings in commercial, public, or industrial building projects across the globe”.   

elitedali enables the open Tridium Niagara AX platform to be extended from Building Management Systems (BMS) to lighting control applications, with the capability to connect up to 1,280 DALI lamps and 20 DALI networks in a building. It ensures all DALI network and device commissioning, control, maintenance, management, modelling, visualisation and analytics to be carried out via a secure web browser on any device. No expensive gateways, unnecessary hardware, third party commissioning tools, data IO mapping and labelling or other processes are required, ensuring that the time, cost and risk of any installation is kept to an absolute minimum.

DALI is the only global IEC 62386 communications standard for intelligent light fittings. Up to 64 individually addressed DALI light fixtures maybe connected on a single and simple two wire network, to be communicated with individually or collectively or in groups. These DALI fixtures can then be instructed, by sending commands along the two wire network, to turn ON, OFF, Dim Up, Dim down.

CatNet Systems Addition operational status information is available from each DALI fixture confirming its ability to operate effectively or to confirm a fault condition. See for further information.

Acknowledged as the world’s de-facto standard in convergent web technology platforms, Niagara AX™ is Tridium’s software framework for building device-to-enterprise applications and Internet-enabled products. It provides a unified platform to easily build Internet-enabled products and software applications for controlling and managing diverse “smart” devices across an enterprise in real time. DALI networks can be easily connected to a Niagara AX platform and extended as required. For more details, please visit

Based out of the UK and serving markets globally with its range of energy-saving open control solutions , CNS is a Certified Tridium Developer Partner. Using Tridium’s web convergent technology platform, CNS creates smart open standards products and solutions. elitedali for Niagara AX® is available for installation via a global network of Certified elitedali Partners (CeP™). CNS also manufactures the CNS-Enocean™ Niagara AX Driver which leverages the company’s experience with elitedali and device modelling techniques to offer wireless/energy harvesting control solutions for intelligent building management, automation and lighting systems.

For more information on elitedali, visit Follow elitedali on twitter@elitedali  or join the discussion on LinkedIn at elitedali for Niagara AX Group.


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