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The rapid development of eCom in our industry has spurred us to assemble a special directory of industry players who provide you the ability to purchase their products on line. 

Although we are all performing some level of eCommerce with our web sites this directory includes only industry players who allow you to assembly an order on line. has taken a first cut at linking to this eCom information and web resources. If your company provides online ordering eCommerce services please fill out our link submission form or email us below. With your input we feel that this resource will grow and become an extremely useful tool for the  Automated Buildings Industry. For more information see Ten Observed Trends in eCom for the Building Automation Industry

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Actuators, Dampers & Valves
Sensors & Relays
Kele Solutions 
Dynacon Inc
Flow & Pressure Measurement
Dwyer Instruments, Inc.
LonTalk, LonMark End Devices 
Coactive Networks
CompWell -
UK site

Packaged Controls
The Watt Stopper
Installation Products
Contractors Wire & Cable
Component Distributor
Dynacon Inc. 
eCom Development Resources

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Industry eCom Links

Belimo  is a worldwide company providing better solutions in the field of actuation for HVAC systems.
Password protected ordering. On line catalog

Coactive Networks  Coactive Networks is dedicated to bridging the gap between the control and data networking worlds and extending the reach of Internet technologies beyond the desktop to the rest of our homes and businesses. By connecting data networks to the real-world devices in control systems, Coactive enables customers to leverage their data network and increase its value, while at the same time increasing the functionality and reach of their control systems.
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Contractors Wire & Cable Contractors Wire & Cable is one of the largest independent wholesale distributors of low voltage cabling & data conductivity products.
Logical click through to shopping.

ControlShop provides control system integrators with the information and products they need to implement open control systems.  We promote and support the products and standards that make multi-vendor control systems cost effective.  Our focus is on products that leverage LonWorks™ technology, the Internet protocol suite and Microsoft® COM standards.
Brand new site just on line

Dwyer Instruments, Inc., produces a broad range of measuring and control instruments for Pressure, Flow, Temperature, Level and Valve applications.
Simply go to VIEW CATALOG and click on PRICE or ORDER MODE to order online.
You can now use either MasterCard or Visa Credit Cards for your orders.

Kele  is the leader in DDC interface devices selling over 5000+ control products including; Temperature, Humidity, Power Monitoring, Pressure, Flow, Test Equipment, Output Transducers and LonWorks.
A comprehensive catalog, CD-ROM, and Web Site online ordering  

OMEGA has grown from manufacturing a single product line of thermocouples to an established global leader in the technical marketplace, offering more than 100,000 state-of-the-art products for measurement and control
Online interactive catalog, shopping cart and credit cards

Onset Data Loggers & Controllers   Onset offers over 75 models of small, standalone data loggers for monitoring temperature, RH, light, voltage, 4-20mA, on/off, open/closed, events and rainfall. Online ordering available!

The Watt Stopper, offers a range of lighting control products for all types of buildings - from offices to schools to retail, even warehouses. With occupancy sensors, control panels, plug load controls, daylighting and more, you can implement the best control strategy for optimal energy savings.
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eCom Development Resources
In addition to the above  examples of implemented eCom the following companies which are only a few of many can provide assistance with your web site and can help your achieve your eCom goals. helps building owners, operators, and managers gain competitive advantage by creating and Connecting Workplace Communities that are more productive, efficient, and profitable. Building to building. Business to business. People to people. creates custom eCommerce and other back end solutions for interactive web sites, from simple feedback forms to complex shopping carts. We offer a variety of Virtual Servers to host your Domain as well as provide a home for your web site.

ShopFactory, your secret weapon in the eCommerce race. If you are a merchant planning to build your own shop or a developer creating shops for other businesses - we have the right solution for you.

Our resources include:

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