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BTL Mark: Resolve interoperability issues & increase buyer confidence
BACnet Testing Laboratories

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Several organization plus our advertisers prepare extremely interesting and useful newsletters.

Here are links to them.

BACnet® International: Cornerstones BACnet International electronic monthly publication distributed to members of the BACnet community, connecting corporate, integrator, site, student and individual end-users.

   KNXtoday is a trade magazine for KNX home and building control comprising an online magazine and email newsletter.
   KNX is the Worldwide standard for home and building control.

The LonMark® Magazine is the official publication of LonMark International, aimed at a variety of readers, including specifiers and planners, architects, developers, systems and network integrators, researchers and end-users.

    Skyfoundery's SkySpark allows domain experts to capture their knowledge in “rules” that automatically run against collected
    data.  Online resource include their Newsletter, SkyFoundry Insider, Case Studies and Whitepapers.


contemporary The S4Group Newsletter

Reliable Controls quarterly, Each issue of the Reliable Controls quarterly, RUNtime known as The Trend prior to 2012, contains useful information on products, BACnet®, sales, and key industry projects. Register for our email newsletter to keep on top of industry insights and the latest product information.

Contemporary Controls' provides timely product updates and meaningful news regarding Ethernet, BACnet, Modbus and Sedona Framework.

Links to industry blogs and newsletters

New Daedalus Exploring Intelligent Buildings and their interactions with the world around them.

New Building Automation Blog Now Available I started the blog – to create an interactive dialog with the building controls community.