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George Heath
Vertical Product Marketing Manager 

Local monitoring does not suffice: the communications must go both ways, so every parameter that is monitored can also be controlled, instantly from anywhere.

In a millennium already characterized by unprecedented global competition, productivity and efficiency have become absolute business imperatives, impacting every aspect of operations. The enormously complex systems in today's buildings are called upon to perform more functions than ever, and there's a clear need for unprecedented levels of systems access and control on top of the need for performance and reliability.

In response to these requirements, eMation offers a spectrum of building automation capabilities which deliver secure information access and the ability to both monitor and control devices from anywhere in the world, instantly, without special software. Every key system involved in building operation -- HVAC, lighting, access, security, and building management - can be made remotely accessible and controllable. Consequently, eMation delivers a unique level of advantages not only to building and facilities managers and maintenance technicians, but to the manufacturers who build the equipment they employ.

Key Capability: Remote Two-Way Communications, Worldwide (Monitor and Control)

Facilities Managers and companies that build the equipment they use are calling for efficient, effective tools to monitor and control every element of building operations. Local monitoring does not suffice: the communications must go both ways, so every parameter that is monitored can also be controlled, instantly from anywhere.

Anomalies in performance can range from marginally significant (such as a burned out light bulb) to significant (like a dying battery in emergency lighting) to potentially deadly - a smoldering fire, poison gas release, overheated wiring, security intrusion, and more. In every case, it is not enough simply to be aware, through traditional monitoring, that something is amiss.

Rather, it's critical to be able to act upon that information - to fix what's wrong, to take other preplanned action, or to summon police or fire at once. eMation solutions enable both monitoring and control as well as preplanned response, ensuring your ability to handle any situation as the need arises.

Key Capability: Wide Access Without Special Software

Operational anomalies occur randomly. Yet, Facilities Managers work on a schedule. What if serious anomalies occur when managers are away from their consoles? Perhaps whoever is on duty will notice the anomaly. Perhaps they'll know where the Facilities Manager is. And perhaps they'll find and notify him or her. Perhaps. eMation technology doesn't depend on the whimsical nature of "perhaps." We won't bore you with the details, but know this: when anomalies occur, eMation technology enables your equipment to notify key personnel at once, by pager, land-line, wireless phone, e-mail, or all of the above, on their own, without human intervention, to get the word where it belongs, without delay. Armed with that news, key people can access the equipment securely from anywhere through a standard Web browser or even a Web-enabled cell phone. They can see what's wrong and fix it, thanks to communications that work both ways.

We reiterate one crucial point: this two-way, human-machine monitor-control interaction takes place over a totally ordinary Web browser. No special software is required. Authorized individuals log in and access building systems directly -- HVAC, lighting, access, security, and building management. Facilities Managers are enabled to solve problems which otherwise may never have been detected until they had directly affected normal operations.

Key Capability: Remote Monitoring/Control By Equipment Manufacturers Enables Faster, More Effective Customer Support and Services

For equipment manufacturers remotely monitoring equipment at customer sites, the benefits are equally enormous. Their technical specialists can monitor, diagnose, and solve problems from anywhere. Frenetic airplane flights to distant locations to fix nonexistent or minor problems can all but disappear. Should an on-site visit be necessary, their remote diagnosis eliminates guesswork, enabling technicians to arrive with precisely the tools and parts they'll need to fix the problem quickly and get the equipment up and running again, fast.

The talents of technical specialists are focused on areas of real need not wasted on false alarms. As a result of this capability, equipment manufacturers achieve improved equipment uptime -- and increased customer satisfaction.

eMation Information Access and Control Capabilities

eMation enables three types of monitor-control access to building infrastructure systems. The three are: 

eMation Function-Specific Building Automation Capabilities

Easy to Install and Configure eMation building automation two-way monitoring and control technology is installed and configured easily.

Among key installation features:

eMation Building Automation solutions are already a reality in thousands of cutting-edge buildings worldwide. Organizations using eMation solutions include:

Additional Key Benefits

About eMation
eMation is a market leader in Internet infrastructure solutions that enable companies to unlock the e-value of their products and services. Providing the e-business link between industry and customers, eMation's Internet-driven technology transforms the complex interaction among data, technology and people into a source of new revenue and business-enhancing information. eMation works with companies that provide computer enhanced or controlled equipment and services to a wide range of industries, including medical devices, telecommunications, building, industrial, office and home automation. Headquartered outside Boston, MA, the company has R&D centers in Israel and the US, sales offices in the US, Germany, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Japan and Israel. A network of distributors in over 40 countries provides local marketing, training, consulting, sales and technical support services.

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