January 2006 AHR Expo
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American Auto-Matrix Booth 3735

SBC-RH1, RH2, and RH3 and Advanced Capabilities

Export, PA - American Auto-Matrix is pleased to announce the latest release in the next generation of Smart Building Solutions®: the SBC-STAT Relative Humidity Sensors as well as the more advanced functionality in other pre-released SBC-STATs. These “Smart” Sensors utilize proprietary STATbus™ technology in order to achieve a two-wire polarity insensitive network that does not consume controller physical I/O. Through proper utilization of the STATs and Relative Humidity sensors in conjunction with AAM unitary controllers, users can create custom logos on models with an LCD display, as well as view eight hours of trending from any point on the system. Air balancing can also be achieved through the STAT3 with no other software tools needed. Relative humidity sensors are accurate within +/- 2%. The three various models provided for the new Relative Humidity sensors are the SBC-RH1: no display, relative humidity only; the SBC-RH3: relative humidity only with display; and the SBC-RHT: a temperature and relative humidity sensor with complete functionality and display. For more information visit www.aamatrix.com


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