January 2006 AHR Expo
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LoytecLoytec Americas Booth 3568

Loytec Americas – Starts 2006 off with the Introduction of Six new EIA-852 and EIA-709.1 Products

Loytec has over 6 new products that are now available based on their new high speed EIA-709.1 dedicated ARM7 micro controller called the LISA chip.   The LISA chip incorporated into Loytec’s product line offers higher performance, new features and lower product cost.  A new line of Etherent Routers are the first products to be introduced which offer higher packet through put and additional channels.   In addition a product called the LIP Redundant offers the ability to do product monitoring on a wire, alarming if the wire breaks and signal recovery for both the EIA-852 and EIA-709 channels.  A really hot product is the new LVIS Touch Screen Display unit enables the customer to create the display with many pages of images and bind those with a fully dynamic LNS data base.  The LNS variables can be bond or poled and more excitingly the product can be connected to either the EIA-709 – FT10 channel or the Ethernet EIA-852 channel for higher network speeds.    For more information visit www.loytec.com

Read the interview - Loytec 2006
Al Mouton, President of Loytec Americas, Inc
The LISA chip has features that support an Ethernet port, two LonWorks (EIA-709.1) ports and one BACnet port. 


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