Software Review - July 99
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by Ken Sinclair, Editor Automated Buildings

Tim's HVAC TOOLS is a collection of seventeen hvac software tools.

I have reviewed some fun tools found on the net. These tools would be useful on the laptop of a contractor who needs to design on-site, or the building engineer who needs to check sizes, redesign systems and confirm conditions. They are also educational tools for new Automators who have just come to the Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning Industry for large buildings.

While surfing the net looking for news and contacts for I ran into a neat assembly of fun to use and potentially useful software tools. These can be loaded onto your laptop and would be of use to those who design and install HVAC on the fly. Programs would also be helpful to the new breed of automator starting to apply their skills to large buildings and needing to know more about Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Design.

Tim's HVAC TOOLS is a collection of seventeen hvac software tools that he wrote over the years to make his life as an engineer easier and more interesting. In the toolbox are programs for calculating: duct size, duct pounds, equivalent round, mixed air, psychometrics, pipe size, expansion tank size, water system volume, steam pipe size, expansion loop size, steam control valve size, pipe heat loss, wind chill, heat index, temperature conversion, and a list of handy formulas, and conversion factors.

If you do not like Tim's formulas he has put them in a notepad so you can add your own.  I downloaded the files unzipped as instructed, and they all ran much as advertised. I liked the ability to draw, with color, on the provided psychometric chart. This is just what you need to show a customer what is happening to the air in their building.  Download it and have some fun for 15 days and see if this is the program for you.

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