Article - March 2000
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Petra Sauer, Marketing
REKO electronic the long run, resources are saved as the well-being and productivity of the employees are increased,

The Creditanstalt Austria, Vienna

The developer of this project was mainly concerned with creating workplaces where the employees are not blinded by the light. REKO electronic GmbH and its affiliated company WAREMA Renk-hoff GmbH from Marktheidenfeld, Germany, equipped the Creditanstalt Austria, Vienna, with an "intelligent“ sun protection system in LONWORKS ® Technology*. 

*LON = L(ocal) O(perating) N(etworks)

WorkspaceGraphicThe growing number of workstations, especially concerning deskwork, calls for ergonomic equipment. Precautions against bad postures and eye defects have to be taken.

LONWORKS ® Technology makes it possible to profit in a maximum extent from daylight. So, in the long run, resources are saved as the well-being and productivity of the employees are increased, energy can be saved if the lights are only turned on when there is not enough daylight etc. Of course, the blinds can still be individually operated, this can happen also in the long term by the means of programmable limits.

All components, actors and sensors of this system are communicating with each other by the help of an open LON-Talk protocol, a common standard “language”, so there is also no problem in communicating with systems of other producers.  

contemporary As the glazed outside of the existing building was not to be modified, special, perforated venetian blinds were installed on the inside vertical and pitched facades, which act as an optimized heat and glare shield, but still make it possible to look on the outside. 

To meet the demands of sun protection, ergonomy and heat protection, the single blinds are controlled according to the sun position. This is not only depending from the sun position and the absolute solar radiation, but also from the subjectively felt solar radiation, because the sunlight is felt differently according to different sun positions, even if there are the same measurements of light intensity.

Moreover, it was taken into consideration that the blinds were not only installed on vertical, but also on pitched facades, what is easily adjustable.

The guidelines of the control system were made up in cooperation with CA´s technical department and a lighting planner to optimally meet the customer´s demands. To individually adapt to the personal needs of the employees, CA´s technical department can influence these parameters and can so for example adapt the illumination of the rooms to individual requests.

This concept has in the meantime been used in other projects to the full satisfaction of the developers. Moreover, it can and has already been modified with divided blinds, which are working as follows:BlindsGraphic

Special venetian blinds enable the user to simultaneously control a sensible use of daylight (see upper part of the blind) and sun protection (see lower part of the blind) independent from each other. But only LONWORKS® Technology leads to the optimum use of these possibilities. 
The ideal "illumination“ of the rooms is also due to the perforated louvres (see above), which make light leakage without blinding possible. The perforated louvres make light leakage without blinding possible. 

Further information: REKO electronic GmbH, Dillberg 33-97828 Marktheidenfeld Tel: 09391/20-970 Fax: 09391/20-979
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