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Web-based energy and facility management solutions can help you increase efficiency and improve your bottom line, while making your buildings better equipped for the future.

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Web-Based Energy & Facility Control

In today's business environment, building owners and managers are constantly challenged to gain and maintain control of facility and energy expenses. You are faced with the difficulty of integrating multiple locations and multiple facility systems that don't work well together. Costs are spiraling out of control, and then there's the challenge of preparing for the impact of utility deregulation.

To succeed in this environment, you must be able to control and manage loads, schedules and information in real-time, and you need the power to integrate proprietary and open building control systems into a networked information management system. You need centralized information, centralized control, and reliable communication across your enterprise.

Control Solutions, Inc So how can you overcome these challenges?

Web-based energy and facility control is the solution that makes it possible! And through the power of Internet technology, SRS (Strategic Resource Solutions) provides innovative products that enable integrated energy and facility management and total enterprise control.

Integrated Energy Management
Web-based technology can turn your stand-alone systems into an enterprise management solution that integrates both proprietary and open building control systems. Through real-time networking and web browser access, you can integrate HVAC and lighting control, utility monitoring, and demand management. Experience the power of enterprise control from your desktop or any location with an Internet connection when you manage energy loads, adjust facility schedules and control building temperatures remotely.

Optimizing Building Technology
Another advantage of web-enabled solutions is that their flexibility allows you to maximize your current technology infrastructure. Utilizing standard Internet Protocol and open systems technology, such as LonWorks® and BACnet™, you can leverage existing investments in LAN and WAN technology, as well as proprietary and open control systems.

Integrated Facility Management
While web-based solutions for energy management are readily available in the marketplace, the integration of facility management with energy management through Internet technology has been woefully underdeveloped…until now. SiteNet™ Command Center, the latest web-based solution from SRS, couples Internet-enabled energy monitoring and control with facility management technology to provide a total solution. By integrating maintenance and asset management applications with your energy and building control systems, SiteNet Command Center enables automatic generation of work orders initiated by real-time events, such as runtimes and alarms. This integration allows preventive and predictive maintenance to be scheduled and performed as it is needed, rather than simply relying on a calendar basis or reacting to equipment breakdown. SiteNet Command Center also serves as a historical database of facility and energy information, enabling real-time access to the data you need to predict and manage operating expenses.

Total Enterprise Control
With the uncertainty surrounding utility deregulation, you can't afford to ignore the need for integrated facility information and control. Web-based energy and facility management solutions can help you increase efficiency and improve your bottom line, while making your buildings better equipped for the future. Take control of your facilities and your future today with web-enabled technology!

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