Article - May 1, 2001
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Babel Buster Network Gateways: Big Features. Small Price.
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They need access to e-mail, corporate databases and the World Wide Web and they're ready to base their hotel choice on Internet connectivity.

Allan M. Olbur
Comprehensive Communications Systems Corp

Broadband Internet Access for Guest and Conference Rooms

contemporary According to American Express, as many as 92 percent of business travelers use laptop computers on the road and they need Internet access. They need access to e-mail, corporate databases and the World Wide Web and they're ready to base their hotel choice on Internet connectivity. A hotel or conference facility that offers high-speed Internet access services has a competitive edge with these travelers that can provide key marketing opportunities and generate significant new revenue streams. The Internet access solution from CCSC is a breakthrough system for delivering broadband Internet services to guestrooms, conference rooms or tradeshow facilities. The CCSC solution uses the 2 or 4-wire cabling already in place for your existing voice telephone system to support simultaneous voice and data communications. It also supplies power to a special wall jack over those same wires, eliminating any need for rewiring, additional power outlets or bulky adapters. Guests simply plug their laptop PCs into the special wall jack for instant, high-speed access to the Internet or their corporate network without having to change or add any software. The special wall jack also provides a phone connection. Surfing the Web, downloading files, checking and sending e-mails is as simple and fast as if they were back in the office. And the solution lets your guests still make and receive phone calls while they are online. The main equipment for this solution is placed in the switch room and is wired into the room cabling. If your telephone switch presently has a battery backup facility, then the optional battery backup feature for the CCSC solution is highly suggested.

Value to Your Hotel Guests

  1. No More Time Consuming Downloads.
    The room with the special wall jack gives your guest broadband access to the Internet and corporate networks, just as if they were back at the office. 
  2. Fixed Cost Broadband Access.
    No more busy signals or per minute charges for local or long distance dial-up modem access. Guests can pay a nightly fee for 24 hours of broadband access or you can adjust your room rates accordingly. 
  3. Easy to Use.
    Guests simply plug their laptop PCs into the special wall jacks and instantly have broadband access to the Internet and their corporate network. No software to load and no changes are made to the guests PC. 
  4. Secure Broadband Connection. 
    Each Ethernet switch port operates as an independent VLAN for greater security. Guests are connected to the Internet, not to each other. 
  5. No Conflicts. 
    The CCSC gateway automatically resolves multiple same IP addresses. No guest will ever be blocked from the Internet. Good for repeat business. 
  6. Life-Safety
    The telephone line is always available for voice communications and is not impacted by Internet surfing. 
  7. Front Desk Rentals
    If a guest has a laptop PC without an Ethernet card, the front desk can rent a plug in device that connects to the special wall jack and allows the user to be on the Internet. 

Easy to Install and Manage

  1. Quick, Simple Installation
    Remove the existing wall jack and replace it with the special wall jack module using the existing twisted pair cable. The installation of the main equipment in the telephone switch room is completed with minimal disruption to business. 
  2. Reduce PBX Traffic
    Reduce traffic congestion on PBX lines caused by dial-up modem connections. The CCSC solution lets you deploy the special wall jacks using your existing cable plant so you can make the best use of the investment already made in your current telephone switching equipment. 
  3. Web-Style Management Interface
    Control and monitor the system operation using convenient, password protected management system that can be accessed by standard Web browsers. 
  4. Web Enabled Maintenance Interface
    A user-friendly interface and a HTML based management system make it easy to support your solution from a remote location using standard browser software.

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Company Overview 
Comprehensive Communications Systems Corp. abbreviated CCSC, has been in business for 18 years as a solutions provider in the communications marketplace. The listed applications show our expertise in Design, Installation and Management.

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