Article - November 2000
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Stoney Creek High School

Rochester Hills, Michigan

Case Study

Melinda Bartee,
Alerton Technologies, Inc

Stoney Creek High School is a new facility constructed for the Rochester Community School District in Oakland County, Michigan. Alerton's BACtalk system was chosen for this school and future renovations because of its BACnet system integration, flexibility and ease of operator use. This project will also include two additional 300,000 plus square foot renovated high schools, one middle school, one new elementary and the remodeling of eight other elementary schools in the near future.

Stoney Creek High SchoolPrior to selecting Alerton, Rochester Community Schools used a number of control systems. All were proprietary and difficult to use. Also, additions and upgrades were much more costly than desired.

The Facility Office at Rochester Schools wanted an energy efficient system that was flexible for the staff to use in monitoring, troubleshooting problems and had the ability to control costs. The Facility Office also wanted to integrate BACtalk with the idea of standardizing products throughout the District thus reducing inventory costs while making training simple.

This new facility, Stoney Creek High School, is very unique in that it utilizes a water source heat pump system in conjunction with energy recovery units. In the large areas air handlers are used, but the heating/cooling water is supplied from water to water heat pumps. Each classroom has its own water to air heat pump, which has a variable air volume box supplying a measured amount of outside air. This provides a precise measure of outside air to each classroom and allows for reduced energy cost during periods of low diversified loading. The outside air is supplied from energy recovery units, which also help to reduce the daily utility cost. The energy recovery units have a 70% recovery rate, which in cold months will supply approximately 60 degree outside air. In addition some areas have their ventilation controlled by carbon dioxide sensors. Each room has individualized direct digital controls allowing for temperature control as well as timed override. Fresh air requirements exceed ASHRAE standards with 20 cfm per student being the design standard for each classroom.

Project Highlights

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