Article - November 2000
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Modernization at Roissy-Charles De Gaulle Airport

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Valerie Harding, eMation

Case History

More than 200,000 passengers and over 6,000 tons of baggage and freight pass through Roissy Airport each and every day.

"Our facilities are open to the public 24 hours a day and it is our duty to guarantee their safety and convenience. For these reasons we have, and continue to, modernize all of the instruments that allow us to monitor all of our installations throughout the airport," explains the head of the Airport Mechanics Systems of Paris.

Control Solutions, Inc Within the Roissy Airport, Terminal T9 recently experienced a significant upgrade. Only the latest in technology was selected for the project. Given the inordinate number of engineers and technicians who worked on Terminal T9, one of the most important decisions made at the beginning of the modernization project was what system to use for monitoring and supporting the work to be done. The system needed to have the most powerful network management capabilities available. But it also had to be the most user-friendly. Very simply, the problem was how to provide and monitor all of the technical information in real time, from anyplace on the Intranet, with full data integrity and security.

Managing modernization: WizCON for the Internet

The decision on how to approach the problem was made by the Paris Airport Authority. The solution was WizCON for the Internet. WizCON for the Internet is part of a family of software products from eMation, the leading provider of Internet solutions connecting devices, machines, and facilities to eBusiness systems and the people who use them.

"The rationale for the choice of WizCON by the Paris Airport Authority was obvious. From any Web browser from any computer on the Intranet, every engineer and technician could access the information they needed in real time," explains Robert Antunes, the technical manager of eMation France. "All of the information is easily accessible, yet it is also protected by a secure login process."

Once the solution was deployed, the staff responsible for maintenance and supervision of the upgrade to Terminal T9 discovered several unexpected advantages in the WizCON for the Internet solution. First, no license was required for any of the client computers: No plug-ins were required, no additional modules needed to be installed. Thus, every computer, whether a Windows or Linux-based PC or a Mac, has complete access to the information through any Internet browser. Second, when the system is modified in any way, there is no need to update each client individually: The upgrade takes place automatically on the server, instantaneously and invisibly.

To implement the solution, the Paris Airport Authority commissioned the Verger Delporte Company to integrate WizCON for the Internet. Guided by engineers from eMation, Verger Delporte needed just a few weeks to set up the project: A project that would have taken several months using any other software product.

The success of the upgrade to Terminal T9 and the support provided by the WizCON solution now allows the Paris Airport Authority to approach all of its future upgrade and expansion projects with confidence. 

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