November 2004

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 Building Automation Publications from Europe

  Ken Sinclair

I got this email from Michael Newman  - Hi Ken,
The BIG-EU folks have just published the inaugural edition of their new magazine, BACnet Europe Journal you can also view a PDF of the magazine at

Mike is recognized as "the spiritual father of the BACnet protocol" in this journal

Mike writes Gluckwunsche or Congratulations! in the Journal and I have extracted his comments below;

This past June the ASHRAE BACnet committee met in Nashville, Tennessee, in the very same location as the committee’s inaugural meeting in 1987. The first meeting was shrouded in doubt and uncertainty. Many believed that the committee was embarking on a “fool’s errand” in attempting to produce a data communication standard for building automation and control: not only was it a technically daunting task but the manufacturers could be counted on, according to common wisdom, to oppose the standard’s creation at every turn. Many simply said it couldn’t be done.

How things have changed in 17 years! Today BACnet is a vibrant, evolving standard that has demonstrated its ability to adapt to changing times and industry needs. BACnet/IP, life safety and security services and advanced scheduling and trending capabilities have all been added in the last few years, and a new web services interface, BACnet/WS, has just been approved for public review. Working groups are actively engaged in developing enhancements to BACnet for lighting control, access control, CCTV, and utility system integration. Another group is working on recommendations for making BACnet networks as secure as possible in the face of malicious attacks.

Besides its adoption as a European and ISO Standard, BACnet is succeeding in the marketplace. There are tens of thousands of BACnet installations across the globe and on every continent. Most heartening, however, has been the development of a true BACnet community of designers, manufacturers, installers,  building owners and operators, all seeking to optimize the potential value of our global standard. This community is the basis for  the formation of the four BACnet Interest Groups, the first of which was the BACnet Interest Group - Europe, founded in May 1998. BIGEU has led the way in terms of both its marketing and technical activities and is plowing new ground with the publication of the BACnet Journal which you now hold in your hands.

As the founding chairman of the BACnet committee, I would like to congratulate all of those who have contributed to the genesis of this exciting new publication and to express the wish that it will serve all members of the growing BACnet community for years to come!

From the BACnet web site

Reliable Controls "Building Automation and Control Systems" Terms and Definitions English - German - Russian Dictionary Hosted by ABOK

I have also been emailing back and forth with Hans Kranz who writes; I also have a Russian book "Terminology of Building Automation" (to prepare the Russian Market for the new ISO Standards 16484...)

Connection and information about this resource follows;

English-German-Russian terms dictionary is the part of ABOK standards set and include translation of terms and definitions the most often used in ISO standards 16484 "Building Automation and Control Systems", which are developed by ISO experts and CEN experts.

Who is ABOK?

Russian Association of Engineers for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Heat Supply and Building Thermal Physics is a non-government public organization, which implements its activity independently and for the purpose of advancing the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning for the benefit of the general public, positive effect on the environment and natural resources, to protect the interests of future generations.
The main goal of the ABOK Association is the assistance to scientific and technical advance in the field of the subject of its activity. ABOK develops normative documents and reference books, renders support to carrying out the certification of equipment, participates in designing the demonstration projects, assists in contacts between Russian and foreign firms and in the opening of representative offices of foreign firms in Russia. ABOK consists of collective and individual members. Collective members - 254 leading companies in HVAC field (engineering, designing, producing equipment, educational uni-versities, trading companies, installing, other companies).  ABOK is Associate member of American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE) and a member of Federation of European Heating and Air-Conditioning Associations (REHVA).

From this page

English-German-Russian terms dictionary is the part of ABOK standards set and include translation of terms and definitions the most often used in ISO standards 16484 "Building Automation and Control Systems", which are developed by ISO (ISO, experts and CEN ( experts.    ABOK committee "Intelligent Buildings" has been developing the set of national standards for Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS). This set of standards will establish common understanding and specification of BACS functionalities. In 2002 ABOK specialists began to represent Russian Federation in ISO TC 205 work by the approval of Gosstroy.

English-German-Russian terms dictionary consists of 4 parts:

1. English-Russian terms glossary in BACS field
2. German-Russian terms glossary in BACS field
3. Russian-English-German glossary of terms in BACS field
4. Most widely used acronyms in BACS field in United Kingdom, USA, Germany and Russia

Authors of this dictionary used experience of their colleagues in ISO and CEN, who had noticed in their work all existing standards and definitions concerning BACS terminology. Mr. Hans R. Kranz (Member of the VDI TGA Executive Council and Advisory Board Projectleader EN ISO 16484), who was the leader of this mutual work, checked out every term and acronym used in text and helped Russian specialists to gather all knowledge and experience of International Organization for Standardization in the field of building automation.

ABOK committee "Intelligent Buildings" has translated from English and German, edited and adopted BACS terms to Russian professional terminology and to ISO/CEN terms. During all this work ABOK committee had close interconnection with Mr. Hans R. Kranz and Mr. Martin Bismark (Sauter Building Control International GmbH, Freiburg, Germany), who helped us greatly with corrections of English and German part of the dictionary. The coordination work with Russian and foreign participants was held by ABOK vice President Marianna Brodatch.  


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