November 2018

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Steven GuzelimianEMAIL INTERVIEWSteven Guzelimian and Ken Sinclair

Steven Guzelimian, President, Optergy

Smart Outcomes for AHRExpo 2019

Come to check out our live demonstrations and see how Optergy workflow works; you can even connect your own laptop if you like.

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Sinclair:  In your interactions with Building Automation Integrators, what do you think are the major challenges and customer demands that exist in the field you serve specific to the Building Management domain? How does Optergy address those challenges?

Guzelimian:  Contractors who deploy building automation are squeezed from all sides; they operate in an industry that often comes with very low margins just to win the work.  Delivering a job that meets the specifications, contractor price needs, and the end user outcomes are often a difficult challenge to achieve.  As a manufacturer, we are sympathetic to the contractor needs that is, reduced effort to deploy, economical, and offer lots of opportunity for after-sales service. For our end users and consultants, we strive to offer them many opportunities to improve building performance, energy efficiency, ease of operation & maintenance.

Optergy has designed an economical system that can meet the needs of the end-users, that is to provide a complete automation system that people will love. Gone are the proprietary tools, annoying annual license fees, and costly specialized training.  Optergy has built a platform based on industry standards BACnet & Modbus, but enhance it with 50+ applications to improve usability.  Optergy is backed by domain experts in contracting, energy conservation, operations, and manufacturing, so we have people who know how buildings work and build the tools for different user roles.

Sinclair:  Last year at AHR EXPO 2018 and throughout the year Optergy focused on the advantages of a combined Building Management System with Energy Management as shown in this article,  what is the Optergy theme for 2019?

Guzelimian:  This year our focus is on Smart Buildings, and more specifically Smart Outcomes both for the Contractor and the End User.  All too often as a technology company, we convince ourselves that our products are the answer to all challenges. We sometimes forget about the people that design, engineer, deploy, commission and operate them after we have sold our goods.

For the Contractor, Optergy technology and applications can benefit them by:

For the End User, Optergy’s software and more than 50 built-in applications, End users have tools to:

P864 Smart Edge ControllerSinclair:  What products are you featuring at AHR EXPO 2019 this year? 

Guzelimian:  This year, we are launching the Optergy P864, a Smart Edge controller that operates building equipment autonomously and expands up to 8 IO modules total (144 hardware points). Connectivity is made easy via BACnet IP (PoE), MS/TP, and MS/TP routing. The P864 is truly versatile, and can also be managed by 3rd party software using its built-in REST API for an open and secure Internet of Things device.

Applications include HVAC, central plant, lighting, hydraulic systems control, energy monitoring and more. 

Contractors will love:

Sinclair:  What else will we see at your booth C5225 in Atlanta?


Optergy Logo Come to check out our live demonstrations and see how Optergy workflow works; you can even connect your own laptop if you like.  We will be demonstrating how easy it is to transform a controller with applications to deliver great outcomes, fast and with reduced effort.  Last year we showed you how we could deploy an Energy Management system in under an hour, this year we will present a contractor friendly Building Automation system with unitary and plant controllers.

Optergy has put much of its development effort into Applications, our combined strategy of meeting the contractor needs, as well as the end-user,  will enable people to have and operate a smarter building. We invite you to check out our Application Datasheets and come to see our award-winning products along with our domain experts who can help add the Smart into your building.


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