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Alerton Technologies, Automated Logic, Delta and Simplex put on a BACnet seminar in Sydney, Australia.

Melinda Bartee
Alerton Technologies, Inc

Alerton Technologies, Automated Logic, Delta and Simplex put on a BACnet seminar Thursday, September 30, 1999 in Sydney, Australia. It was a huge success!  There were approximately 120 people present and the audience was primarily consultants and end-users.

Four SSPC-135 members, Steve Bushby, Carl Neilson, Mike Newman, and Bill Swan, participated in the symposium which featured presentations on various aspects of BACnet, an interoperability demonstration, and a roundtable panel discussion of experts.

Alerton's BACnet Bill gave a presentation "Why Alerton chose BACnet" that went through the analysis that led to Alerton's decision to implement native BACnet devices and why BACnet ought to be of interest to end-users.

Alerton's local representative, Trevor Owen with Alerton Australia, gave a presentation on BACnet implementations by a manufacturer. He showed the audience how Alerton implemented BacNet throughout with its BACtalk product line. First he demonstrated Alerton's Windows workstation, then the BACnet global controllers, and then the BACnet unitary controllers. Summarizing that Alerton has a top to bottom BACnet based system.  He ended up by describing a number of projects in Australia that have implemented a full native BACnet system.

Automated Logic, Delta and Simplex also gave presentations. As a result of the seminar it was decided to form a BACnet Interest Group in Australia!

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