September 2007

Innovations in Comfort, Efficiency, and Safety Solutions.

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RealcommAsia  October 10-19, 2007
RealcommDubai November 1-7, 2007
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Realcomm NextGen Best Practices Tours - 22nd Century Real Estate Innovation!!

Realcomm's NextGen Best Practices Tours offer unique access to some of the world's most innovative projects under way in Asia and the Middle East. Each tour consists of a select group of commercial real estate professionals with the common goal of witnessing the amazing development taking place around the world.

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October 10-19, 2007

Join us for the RealcommAsia NextGen Best Practices Tour, a trip of a lifetime for any professional in the commercial real estate industry. You might have seen photos of the innovation taking place in Asia -- now it's time to experience it for yourself! Join us as we tour Asia's most technologically advanced real estate projects, and meet some of the visionaries who are developing them.

November 1-7, 2007

Don't miss this opportunity to see the exciting growth taking place in Dubai, the heart of the entire Middle East!! With over 200 projects under development, there's no place else in the world where such massive and innovat... Full Advisory

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