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12:22 PM

TAC to Boost Energy Efficiency at Tennessee School

Performance Contract will Reduce Energy Costs $33,000 Annually

12:22 PM

Cypress Envirosystems Debuts Control and Monitoring Solutions to Save Energy And Improve Productivity for Older Buildings and Plants

Easy-to-Install, Non-Invasive Solutions Upgrade Pneumatic Thermostats, Manual Steam Trap Monitoring and Dial Gauges in Minutes With Payback in Under a Year

12:20 PM

IEC Delivers the Promise of Broadband with Nearly 100 Vendors and More than 100 Carriers at the Broadband World Forum Europe 2008 in Brussels Next Week

Nearly 100 top vendors and equipment suppliers from around the world will present their broadband services, products, and applications to more than 100 pre-registered carrier and content provider companies this 29 September through 2 October at the Brussels Expo

12:20 PM

MATE Intelligent Video Announces Milestone Solution Partnership

Joint solution offers a comprehensive, intelligent security solution

12:19 PM

Minicom Digital Signage Workshop

FREE 90 Minute Workshop Hosted by Minicom

12:18 PM

Kepware Enters into Partnership Agreement with Industrial Defender

Integrated Cyber Security Solutions Enhance KEPServerEX Functionality

12:17 PM

Multi-Tech Adds API to Turnkey SMS Server Appliance

SMSFinder Allows Businesses to Integrate SMS Functionality into Systems

12:13 PM

dresden elektronik Teams Up with MeshNetics to Develop ZigBee-Based Building Automation Solution

The deFZ 3000 central wireless control unit coordinates the functioning of all devices in the home or factory network.

12:12 PM

Digital Controls for HVAC Technicians

Newly Released by LAMA Books

12:11 PM

New ISA Training Focuses on Industrial Building Automation Systems

This upcoming course offering will help you gain an understanding of the specific issues involved with Building Automation Systems:

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12:11 PM

Daryl Clasen has joined LOYTEC Americas as technical sales representative for the US market.

Mr. Clasen has over 20 years experience in building automation systems and industrial fabrication with years as a System Integrator pursuing the advantages of networked buildings in a practical environment.

12:10 PM

New BSRIA Proplan EU(7) study published

BSRIA is pleased to announce the publication of our first combined BSRIA Proplan study on the Western European market for intelligent building controls in non-domestic buildings (IBC(e)).

12:09 PM

Hirsch Earns Frost & Sullivan's Technology Innovation Award

Hirsch's Advanced Security Products Continue to Receive Recognition and Acclaim

12:08 PM

OPCTI Answers the Top OPC Integration Questions

In July 2008, the OPC Training Institute (OPCTI), released the 20 most common OPC Technology questions asked by automation integrators. In August 2008, a forum of OPC experts assembled online to provide answers to the hundreds of automation professionals registered for the event.

12:07 PM

Hirsch Electronics Joins Trusted Computing Group (TCG)

Hirsch Drives Open and Secure Network Computing Standards into Physical Security Industry

12:06 PM

LonMark International and EnOcean Alliance Enter Strategic Partnership Agreement to Deliver More Energy Efficient Intelligent Control Systems

LonMark International (LMI), a non-profit trade association, announces its newly established, collaborative agreement with the EnOcean Alliance: a consortium of companies working to formalize EnOcean self-powered, wireless technology as the interoperable wireless standard for sustainable buildings.

12:05 PM

Johnson Controls Continues Building a Sustainable World by Photovoltaic Roofing Solution

Demand for renewable energy solutions remains strong

12:04 PM

Constellation Energy Helps New InterContinental Hotel Go Green

CNE offers a suite of sustainable solutions including demand response programs and renewable energy resources. CNE's sustainable energy solutions are made up of wind, solar, biomass, landfill and hydroelectric resources.

12:01 PM

MeshNetics Wins Frost & Sullivan Award for Its ZigBee Product Line Strategy

With this award, Frost & Sullivan recognized MeshNetics' introduction of the world's first 900 MHz ZigBee PRO platform, complementing its line of 2.4 GHz ZigBee RF modules.

12:00 PM

Constellation NewEnergy Names Leighton Wolffe to Oversee NewEnergy Alliance

Constellation NewEnergy, has recently named Leighton J. Wolffe as vice president of alliances and strategy.

11:59 AM

ioimage and 3VR Form Alliance to Provide Intelligent Video Security Solutions

ioimage joins 3VR's developer network, video analytics appliances to run on intelligent video management platform

11:58 AM

New Industry Alliance Promotes Use of IP in Networks Of 'Smart Objects'

Cisco, SAP and Sun Among 25 Charter Members Of 'IPSO Alliance' Offering Education, Interoperability Testing for Embedded IP Applications

11:57 AM

Commercializing the Smart Grid: Technologies & Applications

Regulators, utilities and vendors convene in DC to assess the opportunities and challenges in the emergent industry and its future growth pathways:

11:57 AM

Expanded Matrox Graphics Security Solutions Portfolio Expected to Transform Surveillance Monitoring

Hardware-accelerated IP video technology will provide multi-display, high-resolution decoding of multiple IP streams for security monitoring

Reliable Controls
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11:45 AM

Australia's Melbourne Airport and BCS chooses U.C.ME-OPC Alarm Notification software for better baggage handling

Melbourne Airport is a major passenger and freight gateway into Australia and BCS is Melbourne's preferred partner for baggage handling solutions.

11:45 AM

Skyworks and Ember Partner to Develop Industry's First Portfolio of Front-End Modules for ZigBee Applications

Target Applications Include Smart Meters, Home Area Networks, and Industrial Automation

11:40 AM returns as media partner for Building Tech Americas 2008

This year, Building Tech Americas will include Jim Sinopoli among its conference men for first time. Jim will present the conferences "How do intelligent buildings do the green buildings?" and "The top 10 of the factors for a successful integration systems".

11:38 AM

Lumenera's Le Surveillance Cameras Now Support Power Over Ethernet

Lumenera's offering is fully compliant with the IEEE 802.3af specifications for either power mode A or B, making it compatible with a wide array of commercial off-the-shelf network switches and power injectors.

11:37 AM

EnergyConnect Partners with Equity Office to Reduce Pressure on Northern California's Electricity System

Company will provide Equity Office with Demand Response Services in 32 Buildings

11:36 AM

A closer look at U.S. energy-efficient buildings - not just green, they're smart

From restaurant chains, to retail fulfillment centers, to famous office buildings and environment advocacy headquarters, here's a sampling of the smartest buildings in the U.S. using LonWorks technology to reduce energy use.

11:30 AM

Contemporary Controls Launches Virtual News Room

Site Allows the Media to Get to Know the Company's Current Products and Services as Well as Recognized Educational Resources

11:28 AM

Interested In How To Best Incorporate Sustainability Into Your Facilities?

GSBC conference in Dallas - September 22-24, 2008

11:26 AM

Chicago Rolls Out 'Green' Carpet For the 2009 AHR EXPO

The latest in 'green' products, technologies, trends and solutions will take center stage at the 2009 AHR EXPO, January 26-28, 2009, at Chicago's McCormick Place.

11:25 AM

BACnet International Opens Survey To Measure BACnet Usage and Trends

Survey Closes October 15th, 2008

11:24 AM

EnOcean Bridges the Road to Sustainable Building Automation

315 MHz Self-powered Radio Modules Ideally Suited for Automating Buildings in North America

11:22 AM

Intelligent Green Buildings: Energy Efficient Technologies

Green without intelligence is not very smart. Join Jim Young and energy industry experts as they discuss the latest technologies for reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions in buildings.

11:21 AM

ZigBee enables pleasant home control experience

Remote Technologies Inc. integrates Ember's ZigBee technology into whole house control systems

11:19 AM

Kavlico Offers a Broad Selection of Pressure Sensors for HVAC & Refrigeration Applications

Manufactured for high volume, OEM applications, Kavlico pressure sensors provide accurate and repeatable pressure measurements.

11:19 AM

ioimage Named Again as Worldwide Market Leader for Intelligent Video Devices

New independent report reveals ioimage as the leading supplier of intelligent cameras and encoders with mid/high end video analytics with over 37 percent of the world market

11:17 AM

New Professional Certification from ASHRAE Focuses on Facility Operations and Performance

The Operations and Performance Management Professional Certification (OPMP) program helps earners demonstrate their knowledge of the management of facility operations and maintenance and their impact on HVAC&R systems' performance.

11:16 AM

Registration Now Open for U.S. Green Building Council's Annual Greenbuild Conference

This year's show commences on Boston for the world's largest green building conference and expo

11:13 AM

UAE Will Lay Stress on Sustainable Development

ABU DHABI - The UAE is striding ahead in finding solutions to the effects of global warming by carrying out extensive research on sustainable projects.

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08:27 AM

Is DR Hype?

Or, is DR real and a potential short-term game changer for building automation? - Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc.

08:26 AM

DR-Expo Comes To Ontario

The new OPA DR3 program has created significant financial opportunities for Ontario's commercial and industrial participants. - Peter Kelly-Detwiler and Rob Reale, Constellation NewEnergy

08:25 AM

The Value of Demand Response and Energy Programs

At DR-Expo in Toronto, October 6-7. I will be leading a track called "DR Technology Planning" - Anno Scholten, Novus Edge

08:24 AM

DR on College Campuses

Letting people know that a DR program will reduce the need to build new power plants, and will likely cut the carbon footprint of the campus, can go far in getting students and faculty to support it. - Christina Inge, Marketing Manager, Spinwave Systems, Inc.

08:23 AM

An 8-Step Strategy To Making Existing Buildings Smart

An 8-step strategy for improving the performance of existing building stock. - Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, Managing Principal, Smart Buildings

08:22 AM

The Cultural Shift to Measurement and Verification for Buildings

"Inefficient buildings and homes account for a third of North America's greenhouse gas emissions." - Paul Silverthorne, President, Dimax Controls

08:21 AM

SmartGrid Domain Experts Workgroup NIST

Notes on August 5, 2008 Meeting Toby Considine, Technology Officer, Facility Services, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

08:20 AM

Large Building Automation

CABA Unveils Enhanced Building Intelligence Quotient - David Katz, Principal Sustainable Resources Management Inc., Member of the BIQ Consortium

08:19 AM

Introduction to the Modbus Protocol

Originally intended as a point-to-to interface between proprietary Modicon products, the protocol has found use in multi-drop and peer-to-peer networks like TCP/IP. - George Thomas, President, Contemporary Controls

08:18 AM

Smart Lighting System Saves Energy

All the lighting system components - ballasts, sensors and controllers - are from different suppliers which demonstrates the interoperability of the DALI - Bradley Hemphill, CEO, Electrical Engineering Solutions

08:17 AM

Reducing Travel Costs with Remote Server Access

Using remote access solutions, your computers and intelligent devices can be monitored and maintained from anywhere in the world. - Kenneth Dukofsky, Marketing Communications Manager of Minicom Advanced Systems

08:14 AM

FORECAST: Increasingly Cloudy and Under Control

As the burden of building data gets heavier, strategies for managing it take to the sky, so to speak, whether it's sorting your services smartly or learning to use SCADA or OPC, modern building automation aims to help you succeed by keeping your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground. - Ken Sinclair,

08:14 AM

Reaping the Harvest

Daylight harvesting and daylighting controls can make a big difference in your energy bill. And solutions are becoming more flexible all the time. - Ken Sinclair,

08:13 AM

The Green Gold Rush

Promoting energy management and building automation systems as important elements in an overall sustainability initiative or green building development is both legitimate and useful. - Andy McMillan, President and CEO, Teletrol Systems Inc. & President BACnet International

08:12 AM

Programming Methods

A historical view as seen from one perspective - Steven R. Calabrese, Automated Logic Chicago

08:11 AM

It's all too cheap

If we are not going to manage our devices, our systems, and our energy, who will? - Toby Considine, Technology Officer, Facility Services, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

08:10 AM

Differentiating an Intelligent Building

These three levels of an Intelligent Building system can result in a significant improvement of system operations, operational efficiency, and high level tools for facility assessment and optimization. - Paul Ehrlich & Ira Goldschmidt, Building Intelligence Group

08:09 AM

Dynamic Pricing

Ahmad Faruqui, Ph. D., Principal, The Brattle Group - Dynamic Pricing minimizes the use of expensive peaking capacity which sits idle most of the time but whose costs have to be recovered from customers year round.

08:08 AM

Optimization Solutions

Jim Hanna, Vice President, Optimum Energy - Utilizing standard interfaces and protocols for ease of interoperability with standard HVAC controls, while creating a web-accessible performance assurance solution that monitors results over the Internet from an operations center supported by expert engineers.

08:07 AM

Reduce Installation and Setup

Bob Hirsch, Senior Vice President, Lynxspring, Inc - The ease of use through our appliance allows a technician or building owner the opportunity to quickly, and without much experience, setup a fully functional, web-based, building monitoring and control system

08:06 AM

BACnet and OPC

Bob Ofenstein, Cimetrics - I'll take an order of BACnet, with a side of OPC to go please

08:05 AM

Facilities Management Solutions (FMS)

John Bishop, Manager, Facility Management Solutions, Wonderware - With our solution, the SCADA environment is decoupled from the control environment, unlocking the architecture for open, competitive and consistent supervisory solutions.

08:04 AM

Smarter Motor Controls for Intelligent Buildings

Andre Perra, President Cerus Industrial - Our focus is on helping conserve energy in facilities; whether that is direct energy savings or by helping to monitor and control consumption.

08:03 AM

Energy Management

Jonathan Cyr-Morin, Expert Energy Advisor, Cristal Controls - We customize our energy management systems from the hardware to the software and reach our energy saving goals with maximum efficiency.

08:01 AM

Day Lighting Control Resources

Ken SInclair - Some daylight Control Resources worth sharing that crossed my desk this month from E Source and Lighting Control & Design.

08:00 AM

New Products for September

A brief description of some new products for the industry.

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