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Panduit Web-Based Training Courses 7/6/99

An innovative approach to increasing product knowledge in the international Automated Building Industry with Web Based Training Courses.

Web Resource Review
I am always interested in good examples of how the web is being used.  Panduit's new Web Based Training Courses are an excellent example of what can be achieved in on line training while increasing general global knowledge about your product.

Excerpts from Panduit's web site

Panduit is recognized as a leading manufacturer of high-quality products for wiring and communications applications. They are also known for innovative products that offer maximum reliability at the lowest total installed cost.

To further ensure efficiency and product quality, Panduit maintains leading-edge computer procedures throughout the company and routinely upgrades high-technology equipment to maximize performance in all divisions and subsidiaries.

Panduit Corp proves that these are not just words in their corporate mission statement with the development of their online Web Based Training.  I think everyone in the industry who has been involved with the installation of automatic controls has used Panduit products and been impressed by the labour saving implications.  The problem has always been keeping on top of the steady stream of new innovative products and their applications.

Panduit Corp. Web Based Training Courses offer the solutions to keeping our global automated building installers current with new installation techniques. I also think there is a great opportunity for all product suppliers to follow Panduit's strong lead. Following is a screen capture of one of the pages of the online course to give you a quick sense of how they present the data. The screen includes Objectives, Help and a Final Exam.

wpe3.jpg (37999 bytes)

Take the time to check out this exciting new resource. Note each course is opened in a new browser window.

Panduit Web-Based Training Courses 7/6/99 

Their web site also includes catalogues for downloading, plus many other resources. Check it out.

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