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Understanding Commercial HVAC Controls – A DDC Primer

Frank Miraglia, B.S., 
St. Joseph’s University

This course is no longer available.

About your seminar developer: 

Frank Miraglia is currently the Manager of Controls & Automation for Tri-State Technologies, Inc., a multi-faceted contractor offering Mechanical, Electrical, ATC/DDC and HVAC installation services. Having spent twenty-two years in the temperature controls industry working for both controls companies, such as Landis & Gyr Powers (now Siemens Building Technologies) and Johnson Controls, as well as independent contractors, he has been involved in designing, engineering, installing, commissioning and troubleshooting hundreds of electric, electronic, pneumatic and direct digital control systems. He also taught at Pennsylvania State University for seven years as well as having been an instructor for Landis & Gyr Powers. He has successfully completed numerous controls' manufacturers' training seminars and workshops and his style combines this practical knowledge with real world experience to deliver a unique perspective on the subject matter.

Course Workbook:

The seminar developer has written a workbook specifically tailored to this subject matter. The workbook is updated to be as current as possible. It was also compiled with consideration given to its use as a reference tool that can serve the attendee well after the conclusion of the seminar.

Course Description:


This seminar is designed to provide the participants with a working knowledge of how electric, pneumatic and electronic controls operate and how they are applied to commercial heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment in the "real" world. Emphasis will be placed on how the individual controls work and the interrelationship between them when they are united to create a control "system". Control theory and terminology will also be studied and by seminar's end the participants will be introduced to the latest generation of controls' technology available, microprocessor based controls or, as they are more commonly referred to, direct digital controls.

This online course includes a great reference tool, an Engineering Manual of Automatic Control for Commercial Buildings of almost 500 pages , as well as the instructor's workbook.

Evolution of Controls
HVAC System Characteristics

Control Theory
Control System Components
Control Loops - "Open" & "Closed"
Modes of Control

Electric Control Fundamentals
Relays & Contactors
Low & Line Voltage Controls
Limit & Safety Controls
Motor Control Circuits

Pneumatic Control Fundamentals
Air Supply Equipment
Thermostats, Sensors & Controllers
Relays & Switches

Electronic Control Fundamentals

Control Solutions, Inc Control Valves Fundamentals

Air Damper Fundamentals

Systems Applications
"Hybrid" Systems
Unitary Equipment Control
Air Handling System Control
Building Airflow System Control

Microprocessor Based Controllers
Evolution of "DDC"
Benefits of Upgrading
Hardware & Software
"Wireless" Sensor Technology

This online course is essential for anyone who needs to quickly get a toehold on basic control theory and want to be ready for Jack McGowan's Direct Digital Control - A Guide to Distributed Building Automation  in November. This includes: 

Consulting Engineers
Energy Engineers
Energy Consultants
Corporate energy managers
Utility engineers
Energy Service Company Engineers
Retrofit contractors 
DDC manufacturers
Building owners
Building managers 
Facility energy managers
Maintenance managers
Electrical engineers 
Energy Service Company Managers
DDC System integrators 
DDC contractors

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