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New Products

BACnet™ Compliant VisualLogic™ Controller with Actuatorwpe16.jpg (8671 bytes)

The Alerton® BACtalk® VAVi-SDC3 controller with integrated actuator is a versatile BACnet compliant controller, providing pressure-independent control of any single-duct variable air volume (VAV) box. The VAVi-SDC3 is part of Alerton’s complete BACtalk product line, which is in total compliance with the ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135-1995, BACnet.

An integrated airflow sensor provides pressure-independent operation of the VAV box. Each airflow sensor is factory-calibrated at multiple velocity points. Technicians can set minimum, maximum and reheat airflows either at a Microset wall unit or a BACtalk for Windows operator’s terminal. The direct-coupled actuator is a high-reliability, maintenance-free ON-OFF/floating point control model manufactured by Belimo Air Controls, Inc.

The VAVi-SDC3 is convenient for installation with the integrated actuator packaged with the VAV controller. It is accurate with factory calibration at multiple velocity points and field-adjustable during balancing. Control logic can be modified on-site. The VAVi-SDC3 is interoperable, versatile, and completely programmable.

Alerton’s BACtalk system provides a top to bottom system solution to your control needs utilizing the BACnet standard for non-proprietary communications.

Immediate release July 28, 1999
New LonWorks Inverter Interface from Amerilon
Control inverter.jpg (9469 bytes)your home & small building auxiliary power system remotely. The Trace SW Series / Lonworks Interface allows data and commands contained in two Trace Inverter Units to be accessible over a Lonworks network, thus allowing operation and control of two inverters remotely. Each inverter is independent of each other and can be in different operating modes at the same time. The control of each Trace Converter Unit is the same as from the Trace Inverter's front display and keypad, just over a Lonworks network. More at

 Sentrol has introduced the new ESL SafeAir product, the only industrial-grade Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm on the market specifically developed for use in a monitored home security system. Designed to the same standards as CO sensing systems used to protect workers in industrial plants and hospitals, the SafeAir alarm offers the high reliability that dealers have been seeking in monitored CO alarms for residential applications. This high reliability makes it an ideal solution for commercial life safety systems as well.

Fluke’s new network monitoring products combine to provide a distributed network visibility solution for quick identification and resolution of network performance issues. These interoperable tools can help IT professionals resolve even the thorniest problems associated with switched environments and multiprotocol networking.



Reliable Controls This is a numerical based software program designed to overcome the limitations of modern graphics based Building Management Systems. The Tracker is added onto existing systems. It adds far greater utility to these systems.  It provides Facilities Administrators with a comprehensive overview of their entire system and facility personnel the tools they need to conduct effective and timely maintenance. It has utility in  new system commissioning by providing data conformation of performance over all termperature ranges.  This alternative system-operator interface is what HVAC personnel want and managers need. For more info

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